Analyze the digital art of @xpilar. (Competition 29)

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Hello Everyone!!

Image source and contest rules

This is a very classic work, with subtle colors, a calm image, a very peaceful vision of nature, an image that conveys peace and calm.

(In real life contemplate this type of images
They convey to the viewer a feeling of relaxation, a very beautiful view of nature, which relaxes, an ideal image for when the spirit is agitated.)

I invite you to invest your time in enjoying and creating art, this is a creative world worth contemplating, analyzing and studying, active in you the most sensitive and wonderful of your being, if you wish you can follow, comment and be inspired by art @xpilar digital

Who offers you the opportunity to make a publication with your digital image and rewards you with generous votes.

Write a story related to your image... Activate your creative part and be happy.


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