Marta's birthday.

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There was a beautiful Caribbean country where, due to bad government decisions, its inhabitants were getting poorer every day, there was a small young couple who did not escape from the situation and each day it was harder for them to survive, Daniel and Maria struggled eagerly because their daughter Marta It was his strength to fight.
Marta was 5 years old and as a child she ignored the difficult life, she just wanted to celebrate her birthday.
Marta's birthday came, she woke up and ran to wake up her parents, the girl was so happy, but to her surprise there was only her mother, her father had left very early, the sad and annoyed girl told her mother that He no longer loved his parents, for he had forgotten his birthday.
The day passed and his father did not arrive... When night fell, Maria and the birthday girl were in the courtyard, when Daniel arrived with a birthday cake, decorated with meringue and chocolate sighs, with two birthday candles in the center .

I enter singing happy birthday Marta was so happy, the cake was perfect, I blow the candles and hug her father.
They ate cake, played, danced and sang they three made a very intimate party, full of love and happiness.
The girl fell asleep, and the parents went to lay their girl in bed ... It was at that moment when the girl slept that Maria asked Daniel where he had taken the money for that cake and where the day had passed.
That's when Daniel told his wife that while they slept the worried went out into the street, because he didn't want to see his sad daughter for not being able to celebrate her day.
While walking a neighbor who was fixing his garden I offered to help him, I needed to occupy my mind, I accept happy, while we worked we talked and told his wife that my daughter was having a birthday but my situation was so bad that I could not even sing birthday.
My surprise is that when he finished his wife came out with that beautiful cake and they asked me tomorrow to continue working.
The couple before sleeping grateful to God for having celebrated their child's birthday, their happiness gave them strength to continue fighting, Grateful for their neighbors, for their great heart and for the new opportunity to work, with a job all serious easier of coping.

This story is original and was inspired thanks to the digital art of @xpilar here his work

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thank you @jdbs for your great description / story about my digital image

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