Daniel the motivator (Part II)

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Daniel's Ship finally arrived at its destination, it was at that moment that they noticed his absence, they searched for him throughout the ship and found him at the back of the ship, moored from a metal boat hidden among rubble.
The ship's employees were very scared, everyone knew of the bad character of the businessman they feared he would demand.
But to his surprise Daniel was smiling and joking about the comfort and sight of his trip.
Daniel said goodbye to everyone smiling and accepting apologies.
He arrived at the hotel and prepared to give his talk.
The enclosure was completely full, Daniel in front of everyone began his motivational talk that he had been rehearsing on the ship ... But suddenly he remembered the sight so beautiful he had seen from the stern of the ship, he apologized but he had to start his talk again.
I search his phone for the photo of the first work of art he acquired and showed it to the public

His talk lasted much longer than expected, it really had nothing to do with what he would initially say, I highlight the value of simplicity, how important it is not to lose it and if you miss the right path, how valuable to return to the road , that it doesn't matter where you have to travel but how you decide to enjoy the view, the important thing of being connected with nature and having something that reminds you of its beauty, that he had this painting in his office and although he had picked it up

He promised to those present that when he returned he would wink it so as not to forget losing the right path.
At the end, those present applauded standing up and only commented that this was the return of Daniel the motivator.

This story is original and was inspired thanks to the digital art of @xpilar here his work


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