Monero price: 177.56263076 USD (2018-04-02T21:35:05.160Z) update 1.0

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We publish the price of Bitcoin and other altcoins, and we show a price table in the different exchanges, as we advance in this project, we will add more elements to the statistics.

"These prices are valid at the time of this post"

Price: 177.56263076 USD
Exchange PriceVolume
BitFinex 175.3000000012643.12345412
Bittrex 175.39989982597.41041695
Exmo 177.98232000670.36925564
Hitbtc 181.0200000013573.743
Kraken 175.010000003627.55706865
Livecoin 186.54186000432.50877716
Poloniex 175.461089145679.55064458
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