It's Christmas Time...

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Inspired by @oaldamster and his initiative to jointly create the Steemit Crypto Song (see his post here) based on the famous big band performance under the name of Band Aid, I share the original song with you; For many reasons! For those who don't know this initiative one sentence: Band Aid was a Bob Geldof lead initiative to collect money to support those who are in tremendous need, and in more particular the people in Ethiopia who had a very hard time in 1984.

My main reasons to share this song with you today, are:

  1. While we Celebrate X-mas we shall Remind Ourselves there are others having it much more Difficult than us!

  2. We are not Alone; With the Right Reasons we find a lot of Compassion in People to Jointly Create, to Help Others, Without Wanting something in return!

  3. It is simply a great Song!

Happy X-MAS

Artist: Band Aid
Track: Do they Know it's Christmas
Year: 1984
Country: Universe


Don't forget to check this post and give your support to @oaldamster initiative to create a Steemit/Steem Crypto Song

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I reciprocate here with dancing and good feelings to the sweet track.

Merry Christmas 🎁🎄 @qsounds

Nice! Enjoy Xmas to the max!

"Do they know it's Christmas" is a great timeless song. It is a reminder that we, as humanity, still have a long way to go.

Thank you for your kind support.

Hope we can spread the wealth over the world thanks to Cryptos.

Hope we can spread the wealth over the world thanks to Cryptos.

I certainly hope so indeed! Enjoy coming days.

Thanks, have great days too!

Just found your channel! Super pumped to be getting involved with the music community on steemit! Lost about twenty minutes on your page hahaha. Merry Christmas!

Sorry for your time loss; But I hope you had great pleasure in loosing it:)

Time well spent.

Super! :)

Merry Christmas qsounds / edje :-)

For you as well, Enjoy Xmas

Merry X-MAS :-)

Thanks! Hope you had a nice Xmas.

It was great, thanks you :-)

I remember this well. There was a lot more than Michael Jackson going on in 1984.

Yeh, Michael was pretty big those times.