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He's looking in shop windows. He looks sad. "Have yourself a merry little Christmas is playing." Christmas lights hang all around.

He catches his reflection in the window, sees how sad he is, and tries to smile, but he's too sad to smile.

A little child runs up and gives him her ice cream cone. He takes it without acknowledgement and goes back to looking at his own sadness. He licks the cone absently. The child hesitates, but her mother comes over and hurries her away.

A clown happens by, he glances at it. It does a full on silly clown routine, complete with pratfalls and mime. During the grand finale, he turns back to the window.

A woman comes out of the shop, and, seeing his despondency, offers to take him out to a coffee. He sees her, but goes back to looking at himself in the window. A man comes out and does the same, but the same thing happens.

a kindly elderly fellow holding a fat stack of cash comes out joyfully. - -maybe it's an antique shop. The elder is clearly happy because all his money woes are gone. He sees this guy, and deposits thousands of dollars in his pockets, but gets no reaction.

The song ends.

The man looks up, surprised. a smile slowly crosses his face. a worker comes out to take down the christmas lights. Joy spreads across his face.
several moments of joy
Someone puts out a sign that says 364 days until next christmas. He sees is and cries a primal scream of tragedy and sorrow...


I love it, I hope to read you here again.

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