5 Reasons Xiaomi Poco F1 to Bother You

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As a whole, the device is worthy of your attention, but there is slight confusion around it
Under no circumstances can the Poco F1 be considered a worthy smartphone. In the following lines, we will only be able to point out some shortcomings that may be relevant to users, AndroidInsider colleagues write.


We have to start by saying that the smartphone is the cheapest one that comes with the Snapdragon 845 processor. For Poco F1 only $ 300 is needed. We recall that the Pocophone brand belongs to Xiaomi and is planned to be sold all over the world.

But soon, manufacturers will be launching smartphones with a new generation of processors. At the end of August, Huawei will show Kirin 980 on a 7-nm process, and in October, the new Mate 20 series and new headphones will become more powerful.

In this way, the Snapdragon 845 is similar to the moment it will be considered a non-modern processor. This is the first thing consumers can think of as a flaw.


The Poco F1 has a pretty strange and uninteresting look. The rear panel, though made of metal, looks quite inexpensive. The back of the device feels cheaper, the product of the unknown Chinese brand. The Poco F1 is not expressive. For many, the latter is very important.

On the front panel, we find a large slot for the display on the display. Huawei and Oppo, for example, are preparing to present models with quite small slots, so their background Poco F1 will look old.

The pretty wide lower frame is also dropped in the eye. The market is developing and the design, which a few months ago was considered to be modern, will be out of date by the end of the year.


The smartphone comes with a modified version of MIUI 9.6 based on Android Oreo. Where is the pure Android Pie?


There is no information on the NFC module on the company's website. Probably just absent in the device. This fact is quite strange given the fact that it is a flagship device planned to go out on the international market.


In the smartphone's specifications, the presence of an EIS, i.e. electronic stabilization. There is no word about optical stabilization - OIS. This is an occasion for bitterness.

source - digi.bg
image source - pixabay.com


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