in xenophobia •  15 days ago 

The Xenophobia issue really made me sad on how south Africans are killing Nigerians based in their country and destroying theirs businesses and render alot hopless. The situation has now gone worse over the past two days in Nigeria just because they want to retaliate by destroying South African businesses established in Nigeria but this wasn't the case it actually gave room for the poor and angry thugs to loot goods and items for themselves to survive and now it has rendered lots of Nigerian businesses shattered all in the name of Xenophobia and creating misunderstanding and bad energy from top celebrities in Nigeria and south Africa. I watched a video today that the reason for such attack was media misunderstanding because two south Africans actually said it was a Tanzanian person that shot a south African citizen but people framed it up that it was a Nigerian. The current situation is been tackled by both countries to resolve the issue main while,peace Airline has decided to board willing Nigerians in south Africa back home but my question is 'will they be ready to come back home when they are not guaranteed a better life'? God will help Nigeria and Africa in general. Tragic situation.

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