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Introduction :

Even before the launch, XCARDhas become one of the highly talking points among the public because of its unique services. ”It is the first-ever initiative to connect cryptocurrencies with fiat money.” No other payment cards possess unique facilities as XCARD. It is the only provider that gives you the luxury of global multicurrency use. This card is gaining immense popularity across the world. In this competitive world, where everyone is itching and trying hard to go a step ahead than others, this product will surely surprise the world with its marvelous services, which largely differentiates it from any other payment card. The vision of XCARDis to become the global leader of payments in the near future.

What makes XCARD different from other payment cards? :

  • Firstly, the motive to connect cryptocurrencies with fiat money is an important and best feature of XCARDthat surely differentiate it from any other payment card.
  • Cryptocurrencies may well turn out to be the future currencies. In that case, XCARDis a perfect and best place to take your first step towards a safe and secure crypto environment.
  • XCARD helps you to buy cryptocurrencies without any difficulties and hurdles.
  • XCARD provides a crypto credit card along with the digital wallet to its users.
  • It is the only provider that gives you the platform to convert crypto money to fiat currencies and vice versa.
  • With XCARD, you can buy cryptocurrencies easily and spend them freely anywhere across the world.
  • Another important feature of XCARDis that it does not have any centralized authority to control and manage the transactions and hence, reducing the risk of any failed transactions.
  • XCARD is decentralized in nature. This is one of the important and highlighting features that differentiate XCARD from any other payment card.
  • XCARD provides you a license to transact both fiat money and cryptocurrencies in real-time with no limits.
  • Conversion of fiat money to crypto and crypto to fiat can be done anytime without depending on any third party.
  • Instant transaction of both fiat and cryptocurrencies is possible with the help of XCARD.
  • XCARD also provides Buy Now and Pay Later offers for the crypto users. This special loan facility is one of the best facilities provided by the XCARD, which also attracts non-crypto users to try and buy cryptocurrencies by using XCARD.
  • Every individual in the world will certainly look to avail the best and quality services with the best and affordable price. Therefore, XCARDprovides the lowest fees in the market and also reduces the total cost of the transactions. It also gives the assurance to provide the best execution for the customers.
  • XCARDprovides the ability to make or receive payments in the desired currency of the users.
  • XCARDcan be linked with any existing payment card. Thus, making it easier for the users to avail the services.
    The above are some of the important and highlighting services which XCARD provides to its users, which surely differentiate it from any other payment card.

Is XCARD a perfect crypto wallet? :

Yes, XCARD is certainly the best and perfect crypto wallet. Crypto users will not find any more relaxed way of buying cryptocurrencies. XCARD is the perfect platform for crypto users to buy and trade cryptocurrencies anytime and anywhere across the world. The special loan facility which XCARD provides to purchase cryptocurrencies has attracted most of the crypto users and the general public. XCARD is the first-ever provider that offers Buy Now and Pay Later facility for the crypto users. XCARD is a multi-asset wallet which supports a large number of financial assets and services. Along with a digital wallet, XCARDalso provides a crypto credit card through which you can buy cryptocurrencies and spend them freely anywhere across the globe without any restrictions. These unique services have attracted many customers and, therefore, making XCARD a ”PERFECT CRYPTO WALLET.”

Conclusion :

Being a perfect crypto wallet, XCARDwill enhance many more customers and non-users to sign up for their existing payment card with the XCARD. In this modern era, online transactions have become more popular than physical transactions; And hence, XCARDwill surely attract more attention of the people in the coming years.

         ”By agreeing on the fact that cryptocurrencies would be the currencies of the future, XCARD contains all the unique services to become the future global leader in the payments industry.

"Website: http://xcard.io/
Whitepaper: http://xcard.io/static/XCard-Whitepaper-21082019.pdf
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