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Odds are that you know what Xbox Live is, otherwise you wouldn’t be on this site right now. Well, in case you don’t know I’ll go over it one more time or you could also read an in-depth article here. Xbox Live is a service made by Microsoft for the Xbox Console. The purpose of it is to let you go “Live” with your console, so basically play multiplayer games with your friends or just random people. That is the whole reason this site is created, Xbox is the first console to have this type of service for multiplayer games and it is extremely greedy of Microsoft to do so.

How To Access Our Xbox Live Code Generator

To get your free Xbox Live Codes, simply click on the link below:


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Free Xbox Live Codes

We’ve spent a lot of money buying different types of Xbox Live Codes and redeeming them, the reason for doing this was to see patterns in the actual codes. With a team of 5 men it took us well over two months to figure out the exact algorithms and now we’ve made an Xbox Live code generator which can now generate free Xbox Live Gold codes for either 1, 3 or 12-months. At the beginning we were completely certain that we would not release the program to the public and instead, we would post the codes on our site and update the list every few hours in case they all get used. Well this didn’t work out too well because they got grabbed too quickly and it was a real hassle to keep updating them, so we have decided to release the actual xbox live code generator FOR FREE.

Our Xbox Live code generator is nothing like any other you've ever seen on the internet, I guarantee you that. We don't see our generator as a generator really, when I think of a generator I think of those videos on youtube that say they've hacked microsoft to get the xbox live codes. No, that's not us, when you complete a survey on our website our generator connects to our database that contains the list of xbox live codes. The codes in our database are supplied to us by our sponsors, these sponsors buy them legitimately in bulk amounts so that they get them cheap and are able to give us them for free. We've had people copy our design to our Xbox Live code generator but they didn't get the coding underneath the surface that makes our generator run.

We give out free Xbox Live Gold codes that are 100% legit, no other website on the entire internet has a code success rate as high as ours. Our website has a 97% code success rate, that means 97% of the codes we've given out have worked. The funny part about that is that most of our competitors aren't even competitors because they don't give out real codes. We've only found a hand full of websites like ours that give out real free Xbox Live Gold codes. Our website took us 6 months to design,3 months to test and get all the flaws out and countless nights without sleep. This site has been gaining massive popularity over the past week and a half and it's insane, the massive jumps in traffic the past few days has been unfathomable.


We're the leading name in websites that give out free Xbox Live codes. We've grew over the past 6 months with just our 3 beta stages. But we've finally launched our website and it's been a huge success so far. The first day we gave out nearly 1,000 free xbox live codes and that number has been growing for the past 3 days.

Xbox Live Codes is also known as Microsoft points. And points of Xbox Live are the currency used in the Xbox Live world market. It is an internationally recognized system, and users can access them even when they do not have a credit card. There are various ways for users to get these points so they can enjoy the work market.

Why Use Microsoft Points?

There are many reasons for players to generate the free Xbox Live codes. One reason for the use of generators we have is to get a free Xbox Live. For starters, it will have enhanced entertainment experience since these points will allow them to reach the market. In addition, they will be able to carry out small transactions while in the market as well. This allows them to save some cash on the different aspects, unlike the original Xbox Live, where they had to use nearly $ 5 for the implementation of the deal.

Another reason to use the free Xbox Live codes is that the players have a chance to buy what they want. For example, they can buy a specific map to get a shooter instead of getting all the maps for all. The best thing is that these specific elements can be purchased for just a few points, allowing players to stretch their savings, and at the same time enjoy : He experience of their own games.

What exactly is Xbox Live Gold?

People often want to know what exactly is Xbox Live Gold. We get asked this question several times a day both in our YouTube video comments and via the contact form on our site. Well, Xbox Live Gold is a service by Microsoft for the Xbox console which allows players to play together in multiplayer games, communicate via video chat and a lot of other small and fairly unnecessary features. Xbox is the only console which has implemented a system like this, on other consoles multiplayer is a free feature and comes with the game you purchase.

The service has a monthly fee of $9.99 but you can also get a three month code which costs $24.99 and lowers the monthly price to $8.33 monthly or a twelve month code which costs $59.99 and lowers it down to five bucks a month. Although the service isn’t insanely expensive, it is still extremely greedy for Microsoft to do it like that and is unfair to gamers who spend hundreds on games and on their console and are then forced to pay even more to actually use them.

Xbox Live Gold was introduced to the console for the first time in 2002 and alongside it was Xbox Live Silver which is nowadays called Xbox Live Free. Although from the first two paragraphs of this article, it may seem that Xbox Live Gold is really only good for having access to multiplayer games and chatting with your friends, it actually has a lot more cool and useful features on top of that. In the next paragraph I will be going over the features that I consider the most important and beneficial for myself.


One of the features I use by far the most on Xbox is the Skype program. Although Skype is a free program on the computer, on your Xbox you can only use it if you have the Gold subscription. I use the program daily to chat with friends, chat in groups and sometimes even as a replacement for my phone when the battery is dead or it is simply out of reach. It is an extremely useful thing and at all honesty I could not imagine living without it.

Another thing I definitely couldn’t live without is the YouTube app on Xbox. Believe it or not but you cannot use that either as a free user, you need to have Xbox Live Gold. The comfort of being able to watch your favorite YouTube videos straight off your Xbox/TV is insane, especially if you have a massive TV like I do. I spend hours a day on YouTube and it’s all thanks to this little app.

Some of you might be asking, is Xbox Live Gold really worth it? I’d have to say yes, especially since you can get free Xbox Live codes at our homepage. Features like YouTube and multiplayer gaming are crucial to a console like xbox and even if you do not want to get the codes free from our site, the service only costs ten dollars a month, skip going to a movie and play xbox for a month instead!

The Benefits Of Xbox Live Gold

Xbox Live Gold has been going strong now for quite some time, and with millions of subscribers you can be sure that there is real value to be found in the service. It’s not just a gaming platform anymore, but a full and comprehensive media center for the living room, promising to change the way we consume and interact with media.

Gaming Features Exclusive to Xbox Live Gold Members

While it has grown beyond the games themselves, Xbox Live Gold remains the top service out there for online gaming, with many new and constantly improving features catering to both casual and hardcore gamers.

The unified friends lists used on Xbox Live make it very easy to find and connect with friends who are currently playing online. You can check to see what your friends are up to, send them a message, and even jump right into the game with them.

Voice chat here is also second to none. Microsoft has put a lot into making sure that Xbox Live Gold members would have the best and most complete experience. One example is their party chat, which enables users to create teams in-game and communicate only with teammates, coordinating and strategizing against the opposition in private. This is an experience that is hard to find anywhere else.

Xbox Live Gold has also lead the way for the industry when it comes to downloadable content. Previously when you bought a game for a console it was not possible to imagine it being expanded or improved, but now there are regular game updates to fix any issues or make improvements, and DLC often provides huge new worlds to explore or things to do in games. you can even download entire games now, rather than buying a physical disc.

Last but not least, Xbox Live’s cloud storage features mean that you can save your games online in association with your account. This is handy for users low on disc space, and it is also a great way to pick up from where you left off if you buy a new system or want to play at a friend’s house.

Other Features of Xbox Live Gold

In recent years Microsoft has made a really big push to rebrand Xbox Live as not just a service for gamers, but the best way to enjoy all forms of media right at home on your big screen TV.

It is possible to watch network television live through the Xbox, or through a subscription service like Netflix or Hulu Plus. Users can download full movies from the Xbox Live Marketplace, and even watch them together with friends at home using their own consoles. With Kinect and some of the new features coming with the Xbox One, this really is changing the way we watch and enjoy entertainment at home.

The social features are also becoming quite interesting. Facebook and Twitter are both fully integrated into Xbox Live now, and Microsoft’s video messaging service, Skype, has made it possible to connect by holding video phone calls from the comfort of your sofa.

The Xbox and Xbox Live Gold are well on the way to completely redefining the way people play games, find and enjoy entertainment, and interact with media. Microsoft has delivered on the promises of Xbox Live, and the future looks bright. The only downside there is to the service is that it costs quite a bit of money to have access to and not everyone can afford luxury like this.

The History Of Xbox Live Gold

If you’re a gamer you already know about Xbox Live (but if you don’t, check this out), but its history is actually quite interesting. The membership service grew from its humble beginnings on the original Xbox into the massive entity that it is today, with over 40 million subscribers– approximately half of them shelling out $60 per year for the Gold membership.

Genesis of Xbox Live

Xbox Live first became available on the original Xbox console, one year after its release in November 2002. While there weren’t many titles taking advantage of the service at that time, Microsoft had made a strong commitment to online gaming as a major part of the console, promising at least 50 games would be released to take full advantage of Xbox Live within one year.


This wasn’t the first attempt by a major game console to make online multiplayer a major selling point. Sega’s Dreamcast console had similar aspirations, but quickly went the way of the dodo and saw the company exit the console market altogether. With this in mind it was something of a risk for Microsoft to push Xbox Live.

Since then Xbox Live has become an integral part of the platform, and most gamers will agree that it is the number one reason to own the console. Never before had there been such a comprehensive service for online gaming, featuring support for voice chat and friends lists, and eventually going on to provide a lot more on the Xbox 360.

Xbox Live Gold on the Xbox 360

While Xbox Live was available on the original Xbox, it really came into its own on the Xbox 360. Since the launch of the 360 the Live service has all but defined the console, and it has continued to evolve to offer more than just gaming options to its subscribers.

Netflix has been a big part of the push to make Xbox Live Gold a part of daily life for the average person, whether they play many video games or not. Even though Netflix can be used with other consoles and hardware, it became one of the central pillars of Xbox Live for Gold members, along with streaming services like Hulu Plus and offerings from major television providers, as well as Microsoft’s own Xbox Live Marketplace.

It is the “living room features” that have really driven the service over recent years. Microsoft recently added a number of social features to Xbox Live Gold, such as Facebook and Twitter, and Microsoft’s now-owned video chat service, Skype. Using Skype in conjunction with Kinect, Xbox Live Gold members can hold video conferences remotely on their big screen TVs.

The Future of Xbox Live

With the Xbox One just around the corner, Microsoft is determined to keep improving the service and adding more features to make the Xbox the center of every living room.
Thanks to Xbox One’s multitasking ability, it will now be possible to do things such as bring up stats and information panels alongside a television program, providing real interaction with media. When used together with Kinect, gestures and voice commands may be given to switch between different types of media on the fly. For example, you can command your Xbox to find recipes for dinner while you are watching a sports team and don’t want to take your eyes away from the screen.

When you start to take inventory of the features now available and how far things have progressed, it really does seem that the future has arrived a bit early.

Hope you enjoy the codes and have some fun on Xbox Live.

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