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How would you like to be rewarded for your gaming skills?

For The Gamers

When it comes to gaming we all want the best. High quality graphics, easily attainable upgrades, high connection speeds and stability for interactive sessions.

The Corporations

Major gaming corporations have tried to produce the best gaming environments but time and time again we have seen their systems compromised by either hacks or server/device failure leading to heavy downtime.

Game Developers

Many decent game developers have had a killer idea for a game or two. The major hurdle has always been implementation (eh.. funds). Coding, testing, servers, debugging, upgrades, all these eat deep into the pockets. What do you do if you can't secure an angel investor?

Enter Xaya...

Xaya is a blockchain platform built to support game development and game currency/asset management.
What this means is that online games can be developed, published, connected to and played directly on the custom Xaya blockchain.

Let's look at their introduction video

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What Does Xaya Offer?

Xaya is basically a blockchain subsoil on which games can be planted, developed and enjoyed.
Xaya offers Developers and gamers alike a platform that is immune to the chief problems that affect game play on other platforms.
By taking advantage of the unique qualities of the blockchain, Xaya is able to

  • Stop Hacks as the blockchain cannot be hacked.
  • Avoid Server downtime as the blockchain cannot be shut down, hence providing a 24/7 operating game environment.
  • Guarantee Gamer Satisfaction as gamers stand to gain actual real world benefits from their gameplay such as money.
  • Boost User Creativity using Xaya as a tool, developers can quickly build and deploy their games without bothering about test costs, server costs and other administrative costs.

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Advantages Of Xaya

Xaya For the Gamers

The first thing Xaya assures customers of is an unstoppable gaming experience. Using the power of the blockchain, Xaya provides a fast seamless gaming environment where gamers can use their wits and dedication to earn online assets which can then be converted into Real World currency. Who said playing games doesn't pay the bills?
Certainly not someone who has tried out Xaya!
Xaya gives players "true ownership" of their in-game items in the sense that rather than only being able to use them for "upgrades" or having a large inventory of relatively useless items, users can actually sell their game items for CHI or the game token which can be converted to cold hard cash.
Imagine being able to rent out a digital house you own on Second Life and get paid in cash! Your virtual apartment keys will represent encryption keys giving you total ownership.
Gamers can even switch between "worlds"(different games) and still earn in the blockchain native currency of CHI. In the Multiplayer Arena, gamers can compete in skill-based tournaments for real money.
Xaya also provides a highly interactive social networking avenue to allow players connect and trade.

Xaya For Developers

Xaya decentralises the game-making process by removing all the overhead costs that hindered developers from achieving their final goal.
By providing a server-less platform, the need for online "hosting fees" is removed.
Also using the blockchain, all records of the steps taken in the development can easily be retraced and any issue quickly fixed without having to "shut down for maintenance".
With the Xaya Developer Hub, Xaya provides a plethora of friendly tools(eg SDI, API, sample code) for developers to utilise in building their blockchain games. This includes an inbuilt broad game engine compactibility (Eg Unity, Unreal)
According to the whitepaper Xaya comes with pre-built libraries, exportable game engine templates, and supports scalable game development which will prevent every form of lag no matter the size of the player base.
Xaya also allows you to code/create in-game player assets and currencies.

Xaya For Corporations

Xaya provides an unhackable, server-less platform for round the clock endless gaming for your customers. With Xaya, companies no longer have to worry about malicious people hacking their games for selfish interest or gains. Xaya also allows you to put out your own custom token which can be converted to CHI.
This will inturn inspire customer loyalty.
Xaya has the unique advantage of inspiring the Human Mining genre.

Xaya For Supporters/Investors

Even if you're not a game-loving person Xaya still has something for you!
Xaya grants you access to untapped gaming markets such as Virtual Asset Trading.
Xaya also provides a source of speculative gain via its own utility token CHI


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Xaya Ecosysystem (Decentralized Autonomous Universes)

A major benefit of Xaya is its Autonomous Universe. This refers to the ability to host countless games simultaneously running on the blockchain and allow players to dynamically switch between them.


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Xaya Security

Trading on the Xaya blockchain is secured with atomic transactions. Simultaneous signing is done by both parties on each trade to prevent fraud. Ownership on the blockchain is securely tracked in a decentralized way.

Atomic Transactions - Whitepaper Pg 14

The transparent blockchain ensures provably fair gameplay. In-app purchase fraud is also checkmated by the transparent blockchain.
There is more or less no need for human moderation as all players are protected.

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Chi Token

The Xaya blockchain is powered by CHI. CHI is a utility token which can be used for many operations such as

The token presale took place from March 23 - April 18th 2018 and the main token sale is still ongoing having started August 29th and will end on October 10th 2018.

CHI has a cap of 19,500,000 Tokens.


It is worth knowing that CHI is NOT an Erc-20 token but a custom token of the Xaya ecosysystem

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Current Status and Updates

The Xaya project started in 2016 and was formerly called Chimaera but had to change the name to avoid some legal issues. Read about that here


Xaya has partnered with Refereum and is currently hosting Treat Fighter in open beta.
Xaya is also in talks with the very popular Football Manager to develop a blockchain version.

Xaya has launched their mainnet and wallet. Downloads here
Xaya had an airdrop that ended on August 13.

Find bounties here

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The Team

The Xaya team is made up of professionals with backgrounds spanning various fields from Blockchain Engineering to Software deployment, to Security and Marketing. They also have within their ranks, Dr. Daniel Kraft, who not only invented the underlying game channels technology, but also contributed heavily to the Bitcoin Core codebase, and is also a lead developer of Namecoin. Other members of the team boast decades of experience including working with high profile studios like EA and Square Enix.

They have released a comprehensive roadmap.


To learn more about this wonderful project, you can visit their website or read their Whitepaper here if you want the technical explanation.

The team is always willing to answer questions and you can reach them on any of their social media accounts.

Xaya Forum | Facebook | BitcoinTalk | Reddit | Twitter | Medium | YouTube | Telegram | LinkedIn | GitHub.

Helpful Videos

How To Reserve Names on Xaya

How To Create Names in Xaya with QT Wallet

How to Create an Address to Receive CHI

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