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In Xaya converges the creation of virtual worlds rich interaction and realism which are housed in decentralized environments, without the use of servers. People interacting in these worlds, will be able to take control of assets and properties at the same time share the power gain that implementers have developed.

Xaya is not only a system of generation assets, but that the concept that generated environments have the possibility of autonomous execution, gives users assurance that human failures will not accommodate, since it is developed in a way completely independent. Xaya would reduce the time which passes an environment to another, and simultaneously reduces costs financial and administrative development schemes that are not so large.

There are storage blockchain, in which the games are held, taking gaming environments running on centralized systems, freeing the only blockchain the use of storage assets, but this characteristic places the execution of the games at risk, now that servers could have failed by the high number of participants, or that games could collapse, bringing assets to face a risk of operational and financial futility.  


Xaya, allows the integration of developers to the world of monetary assets, in a system of total transparency, and for the players a method of monetization. Xaya has revealed a great work in virtual environments with implementation of cutting edge technology to generate highly cost-effective systems to the participants, the scope of game, both on the part of development and where the basic concept is to win win.

Basement intellectual Focal interest

Xaya is a currency that preserves both the game data, as accounts of the player, using the consensus that puts you on the hand the environment blockchain, in order to avoid fraud, with accessible gameplay environment first decentralized and certified.

Control points within the game, where the disputes that may arise would be solved and the operations conducted within the blockchain, would serve to resolve them, using the same hash of Merkle, evidence of fraud, and amortized mining incentives, ensuring that the cost of operations are not excessive for the members of the system.

Pay-per-view channels bitcoin, which would be in operation to activate without limits and games in real time, inside the blockchain.

Xaya, has developed a kind of nuclear negotiation and which allows the Exchange and where it is authorized to Exchange elements of game, game accounts and the most important thing are the currency of the game, which would be ensuring the constant demand.


In the year 2013 the conjunction of wills within Xaya, launched all his talents, pudendal to unite efforts and hence these fruits were:

• First coin with which will be tradable throughout

• First game in virtual worlds, made entirely in blockchain platform

• First environment for games decentralized for massively multiplayer

• First electronic currency which is fully empowered to the human mining


Advantages of the upcoming games • environment to fraud-proof

• 24/7 operation

• Total autonomy and decentralized environment

• Equity in operations

• Play for scalability in learning


The development of scaling without chains oriented games is the technology where is based all the strength of Xaya and checkpoints, to prevent fraud and disputes. Scaling is one of the basic of this type of environment problems. East problem Xaya puts it at Bay with its technology.


The problems in the world of the criptomonedas lie in the scaling, and stands look directly with relation to blockchain-based games, it is here where it is placed at the forefront Xaya  and its technology. The hash chains, confirm and verify that transactions are not fraudulent, once the players give end to the contest, the prize will be distributed through 2 of 2 operations with an infinite number of signatures in the blockchain. In the event that the opponents of the game are not in consensus on the outcome of the game, data stored in the side chain, will give the possibility to the player who acts honestly, giving value to its claim, and have access to its funds entities.


Soccer Manager

Is a very addictive game, whose theme focuses on the management of football teams, and whose ultimate power lies in the number of downloads, which is having a great boom in China for these moments.


Own a partnership with Xaya, given the possibility that the team manager, will give players an environment based on fairness, true sense of belonging in terms of the resources in the game. Assets within the system of the game, namely be money, the members of the teams and the sports facilities such as stadiums and much more!

Access to football coach and be part of it, with Xaya as platform, players can experience the true experience of being a football coach!

Xaya is located at the top of the top in the blockchain technology, and has maintained close relationship with Huntercoin, the experience of this company and the talents of its members, to consolidate strong relations, will be the ideal conditions for the exchange of paradigms and the recreational experience and the exchange of assets

Treat Figther


Set in the post-apocalyptic fantasy world of Canedoom, players take on the personas of mighty wizard Overlords who can collect Candies and Recipes by sending their Treats off on Expeditions, or to the Treat Fighter Tournaments to compete in battle against other Overlords' Treats. Generally speaking, Expeditions return more Candies and Tournaments return more Recipes. There are lots of rare Candies and Recipes in the Canedoom, and we will be releasing new batches (and removing old ones) every few months. Make sure collect them all! And of course Overlords can also Buy and Sell Treats on the Exchange.For the sake of clarity, we should explain that there is no interactive combat in Treat Fighter. Treats each have their own set of battle Moves and each Move has one of five Move types. Combat is decided via a rock paper scissors mechanic, based on Move Types.  


These would be the characteristics of games to which developers and players can have access

Executed in real time strategy games and boards online and multiplayer battles.

Collectible card games

Turn based games


There are more categories, which go beyond the generes you point advance 


Xaya tries to grant access to users around the world to a platform, where fairness and transparency are the basic rules, giving developers access to the simple assets, and the possibility of generating dividends to players. Huntercoin and Namecoin are companies where the team has trained. The use of control points, structure of merkle and other technical properties, bear witness to this. The successes achieved so far, are a guarantee that the work carried out to ensure viability financial and investment, and that the potential of the initiative is exponential, and can provide medium and long term of a guaranteed success guarantee and that  the potentials are endless.







Hey @alunaa64,

I like the article you wrote, but one thing you could work on is your sentence structuring and putting things in your own words... Something you wrote:

People interacting in these worlds, will be able to take control of assets and properties at the same time share the power gain that implementers have developed.

This is kinda vague for anyone not familiar to the project. If you send that article to a random person who hasn't heard about XAYA yet, no matter how well they speak English, it'll be hard for them to understand that.

That also has to do with the fact that it's not a well-structured sentence. It really makes no sense... Do you mean that the "assets and properties" share the power gain? What power gain? Do you mean an improvement? That's very well possible and it's nice for people who like to confirm their knowledge of the subject, but for new people, this is simply unreadable. For more experienced people, it's also still a puzzle.

I would recommend you to work on your sentence-structuring. I have been following & supporting XAYA for a while, but this post is just one big puzzle to me.

Please do not interpret this as offensive or anything of that kind, as it's just well-intended feedback.

I really appreciate the comment. It's very important, and I'll take that into consideration. It's the kind of recommendation that we find so valuable always. Thank you

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