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WWE SuperCard is a 2014 iOS and Android video game, and is a smartphone release in the WWE video game series, developed by Cat Daddy Games and released by 2 K Games. It's a card game for collectible WWE superstars.

WWE Supercard Money In The Bank Hack 🎯 invites the participants to build WWE Superstars, Divas and Legends squads, to develop them to their full potential, compete in different match styles and try their luck in high-stakes tournament games. A collectible card game with the excitement filled by the WWE Wrestling Ring over the whole lifespan. With more than 400 registered play cards with each card reflecting one of seven different levels of rareness, WWE SuperCard offers a wide range of strong replay value collectibles. Therefore, WWE SuperCard helps players to improve their experience by buying different card sets.




WWE SuperCard is a mobile card set free play (CCG) game featuring WWE Superstars, Divas and Legends. Players can contend with other SuperCard players by creating collections, changing cards and opening up rarer and rarer cards. In addition, the player can purchase rarer or more powerful cards via a micro-transaction element.

At the beginning of the game, there will be one unusual superstar, one uncommon superstar, two common divas, a few popular superstars and four cards which influence the stats of a player.

Exhibition. Exhibition.

Through exhibition mode, you are creating a deck of 8 players, 4 Superstars, 2 Divas, and 2 Help cards, and facing the exhibition deck of another person. Each show is in a best 2-out-of-3 format with all three' falls' played irrespective of who leads the match.

Matches can be Solo, Tag Team or Divas and require you to choose a card or two to compete with your available card. If a Superstar or Diva card is used in a contest, it can not be used in the same game in any other sport.

The game picks random statistics in compliance with match specifications. So if you choose a Speed match from a random generator, you will want to use high flyers such as Mysterio and Kofi Kingston. If it picks Toughness, someone like The Big Show could be a better selection. You have to choose the best character for the task. Striking equilibrium is necessary if a winning team is to be identified. The game also provides help cards to achieve an additional advantage.

One point is won by the winner of each "loss," the loser earns no points. In case of a tie, one point is credited to the overall show of each participant. If the exhibition amounts are connected after three matches, an additional match is expected under the same rules as previous matches.

Aid Cards / Key Actions / Unique Skills.

The cards consist of bosses, weapons, artifacts, taunts and other items related to the WWE and may impact the stats of you or the competitor in the match form in which they are used. They can be used to offset the lower statistics, according to the Superstar or Diva used in the match. Although you have two support options, you can only use a support card once per game, so it is important to choose the right card at the right time.

Depending on the quality of the card, a card may occasionally also offer an additional bonus boost. These Signature Moves / Special Abilities (with increasing odds based on the Rarity of the card) will randomly trigger your Superstar / Diva to boost significantly your statistics indicated in their signature movements in the card section during their match.

Day Matches Team: Alignment.

The matches of the Tag Team rely on another factor called Alignment. Growing Superstar card has a diamond shape on the left side, just below the name of the player. The diamond will be half blue (left and right) or yellow (up and down) in the form.

Choosing two Superstar cards which align –that is to say, create a complete single color diamond shape–gives your team a 10% boost in all stats during the match. If the Alignment does not suit (different colors), though, you are inconsistent and incur a ranking penalty of 5 percent. There's also a neutral point where you can get no gain, but also no cost if you use two superstars whose alignments are the same color but also the same way, so it's nice if you don't get a pick.

Picks, Benefits & Tier wallet.

The winner will pick from a list of 25 cards two (or three for a "full" 3-0 win) players, and the loser only can choose one. Possible cards contain King of the ring style bonuses, help cards and all forms of cards. On each subsequent view, the player is allowed to keep whipping away on the cards on this "Select" panel until a raise or uncommon (or better) card is identified and the board "Choose" is then reset.

Your rating decides the sort of bonuses you can get. As the power deck grows, if you practice current cards or mix the cards in Pro Superstars / Divas with new and better cards, you are the in level. You start at an uncommon level because, as you develop, you have an opportunity to release more powerful cards from your choices, but you also face more difficult opponents.

Cards instruction. Cards preparation.

Each Superstar or Diva card can be conditioned by lowering the undesirable cards of any uncommon tier to XP for the Superstar or Diva card you select. In the lower left corner of each deck, the card amount can be seen, indicated by a vertical circle. The bar shows the current level (top number) as well as the card rating (bottom number) which reflects the latest XP score. The peak level of a card will vary according to rareness and pro level.

The rise in ranks would boost the card base numbers, which will raise the rating level. You can not train any players with cards if they are "in use" at present in any of the modes. If a card is identified as in service, you may have to delete it from your decks before you can play.

Combining games: Pro players.

Another way you can upgrade your cards is to combine them. If you have two of the exact same cards (name and rareness), you can combine them into a more powerful card which is then a Pro version. Cards of any degree of rareness can be paired, both the cards are destroyed and the Pro edition is substituted.

The ultimate objective of creating a Pro version of a card is to make it as strong as possible and you can only achieve it by training both cards that you create. When these two fully trained cards are merged, a complete pro is formed. Pro cards maxed out will have a golden star, and Pro cards not maxed out will have a silver star. Until they merge.

Once you've got a Perfect Pro you'll find it as capable of a rare card, maybe even better. And your Perfect Rare could defeat a Super Rare, your Great Super Rare might conquer an Ultra Rare, etc.


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