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WWE Supercard Hack Android 🔓 is a 2014 iOS and Android video game and a smartphone version of the WWE series of video games, produced and released by Cat Daddy Games. It is a WWE superstar collectible card game.




WWE SuperCard invites participants to create WWE Superstar, Divas and Legends Groups, train them with their full potential and compete in various types of competitions and test their luck in the play of high stakes of the tournament. With more than 400 cards in active play, each card reflecting one of seven specific unique tiers, WWE SuperCard provides a wide array of high-replay collectibles. WWE SuperCard also allows players to improve their experience by buying individual card packages.

The WWE SuperCard is a free mobile card collectible (CCG) game featuring WWE Superstars, Divas and Legends. The game allows players to compete against other SuperCard players by building tables, changing cards and obtaining more and more rarer items. In addition, a micro transaction element allows players to buy rarer or more powerful cards.

At the beginning of the game, a rare superstar, an unusual superstar, two common divas, a handful of common superstars and 4 support cards affecting stats of a card will be given.

Show. Exhibition.

In the exhibition mode, you build an8-card Deck–4 Superstar, 2 Divas, and 2 Help cards–and you face the Show Deck of another person. Each exhibition is best2-of-3 with all 3 "fall" played irrespective of who leads the match.

Matches can be of Solo, Tag Team, or Divas format and require one or two cards to compete from the cards available. If a Superstar or Diva card is used, it can not be used for another match in the same game.

The game picks random statistics in compliance with match specifications. Then you will want to use high-flyers like Mysterio and Kofi Kingston if the random generator picks a Speed player. If she selects Toughness, someone like The Big Show could be a better choice. You have to choose the best character for the task. Striking equilibrium is essential to find a winning team. To gain an extra edge, help cards are included in the game.

The winner of each "loss" gets one point towards the overall show, the loser does not get any points. In case of tie, one point will be credited to the overall show of each athlete. Following three matches, if the cumulative show is tied, an additional match is required by the same rules as previous matches.

Support Cards & Special Advantages / Moves Signature.

Help cards are trainers, guns, objects, taunts or other WWE related items and may influence the performance of your competitor during the match in which they are used. These can be used to counter weaker numbers in addition to the Superstar or Diva used in the contest. If you have two support options in your set, you can only use a support card once per game, so choosing the right one at the right time is key to its performance.

Sometimes a card can also offer a further bonus boost depending on the quality of the card. These "Signature Moves," or "Special Fähigkeiten" will randomly trigger the stats on your signature section of the card during your match (while the odds are increasing based on the rareness of the card), giving your Superstar or Diva a significant boost.

Day Matches Team: Alignment.

The matches of the tag team often rely on an external factor called Alignment. Every Superstar card has a diamond shape on the left hand side just below the name of the player. The gem is half set in blue (left and right) or yellow (up and down).

By selecting two Superstar cards that align–that is, that can produce a full same color diamond form-during that match, you will increase your team's stats by 10%. However, if the Alignment does not match (different colours), you will be incompatible and will face a 5% status penalty. It also has a Neutral Point where you get no benefit, but also no penalty, if you use two Superstars with the same color and the Alignments, so it can be a safe choice if you have no other option.

Card Options, Ratings & Rewards.

After the game, the winner will choose two cards (or three to a perfect 3-0 win) from the 25 cards list, while the loser selects only one. Possible cards include boosts, support cards and wrestler cards for King of the Ring mode. In any corresponding view, the player will begin to whip on the cards on the panel of this "Select" until a Boost or Uncommon (or better) card is found and the "Pick" board resets.

The kind of bonuses you can get depends on your level. As your deck increases, either by new and better cards, by training existing cards or by combining your cards to Pro Superstars / Divas, you will begin to increase your rank. You start at Rare, but as you grow in rank you are able to unlock more powerful cards from your selection, but you are also opposed to more difficult opponents.

Cards training. Cards training.

Each Superstar or Diva card can be qualified by discarding the discarded cards from any uncommon tier to XP to support the Superstar or Diva card that you want to level up. In the lower left corner of each card, the level of the card can be seen represented by a vertical bar. The bar shows your current level (top number) and the max level of the card (bottom number) and shows the present XP level. The total rating of a card can be raised according to rareness and pro level.

Having levels will raise the base stats of the game, which will also increase the rank. You can not use cards to train other players, if they are "in use" in any of the modes at present. If a card is listed as in use, you may need to remove it from your decks before you can train.

Combining cards: Pro cards.

Another option to update the cards is to mix them. If you own two of the very same cards (name and rareness), merge them into a more strong card that will be a Pro variant of the game. You will pair cards of any rarity level and both cards are missing and substituted by the edition Pro.

The ultimate aim of making a card's Pro version is to make it as strong as possible, and you can do this only by practicing the two cards you combine to create it first. When these two fully trained cards are combined, a Perfect Pro is formed. Pro cards which have been maxed out will have a golden star, while Pro cards which were not maxed out will have a silver star before combining.

Once you have a Perfect Pro, you can consider it as worthy as a coin, maybe even stronger, of an uncommon category above. To order that your Great Rare will defeat the Super Rare, your Good Super Rare can beat the Ultra Rare and so on.


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