WWE is fake

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Do you like WWE wrestling. May be many of you think that these fighting are real. But nope They are not.

There is a writer who writes stories and wrestlers play according to the story. It is most favorite game in USA.

There are two types of players who will win and another who lost the game. There every action is written in the story like when he kick and punch the other player.

But it can be dangerous too. Often many people got injured and some died. At past during Roman dynasty the wrestling games was real but now they are acting like movie.

When I was a kid I was a fan of undertaker, rock and kein. But Rock now do Hollywood movie. Recently I saw his rampage movie and he acted like superb. Undertaker comes from coffin I was shocked and scared but now I know the drama.

Now I see wrestling of John seena and kholi. Kholi also made some movie but not a good rate he will get from me as a actor. His big body perfect for villain role though I expect expression from him.

In my childhood I used to watch WWE at TV now I watch at youtube.

Here is a video that tells or giving us prove that WWE is fake.

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It always seems to me very fake from the very beginning. When you can earn money by just acting, why break your bones.

I think by mistake they break bone.