Bayley turns heel, Survivor Series on the horizon and fantasy booking for women's title scenes

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Last Monday on Raw WWE did something that is so hard to do nowadays: they genuinly suprised us. And how did they do that? They turned Bayley, the Hugger Bayley, heel. After years and years of Bayley being the cleanest of clean faces, WWE made a great call and realized that Bayley's charactar needed some new spice and had her attack Becky Lynch with a chair to the delight of Sasha Banks, who just returned to WWE a couple of weeks ago.

Now we have Bayley and Sasha as this heel alliance, and I love it. It looks great. On SmackDown, Bayley cut a promo, and it seems like they are doing an NXT Bo Dallas-esque thing with Bayley (at least for the first couple of weeks) acting like everything is OK, and saying she just showed how loyal she is to her best friend Sasha. "I'm still your role model!". It's great, and I think it suits the storyline very well. I am definitely optimistic.

Also, at Clash of Champions, Bayley will defend the SmackDown Women's Championship against Charlotte Flair (which is interesting, 'cause Charlotte's currently still a heel) and Sasha will challenge for the Raw Women's Championship held by Becky Lynch. Now, your first thought may be: "Well, it's simple. Have both Sasha and Bayley win their respective title matches and reign supreme over the Raw and SmackDown women's divisions". However, we need to look at the bigger picture.

Survivor Series is just 2 and a half months away, and the two women's champions will face off against each other, as is modern tradition. And you wouldn't want Sasha and Bayley (who are also both heels now) to come to blows so early, would you? It's waaaay too soon, and it's not a good idea. We want Bayley & Sasha as this dominant force ruling over WWE's women's division with two iron fists. But how do you do this? Who wins and who loses at Clash of Champions? Well, I think I have come up with a pretty good fantasy booking that is, in my opinion, the best case scenario. This is how it goes:

So at Clash of Champions, you have Bayley retain and Sasha lose. Yes, I know, Sasha has just returned, but I think Bayley needs this momentum even more, after her heel turn. However, Sasha doesn't just lose. She loses because of interference from Charlotte Flair. Why? Well, because Charlotte's still a heel. She's much better as a heel than as a face, and there's no reason to turn her now. But even more imprtantly than that, it sets up our match at Hell in a Cell: Sasha vs Charlotte, winner gets a shot at their brand's championship after Survivor Series, and Sasha wins. That way, you get out of having Sasha vs Bayley too soon, and Sasha doesn't lose too much momentum, because she lost by interference and then beat Charlotte. It's also important to mention that this should not be a Hell in a Cell match, as we've already seen these two women fight in a cell match before. It's just there because it's the next PPV.

Tell me what you think about this fantasy booking. If you think something different should happen, please write so in the comments.