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in wwe •  last year

GFW crowned a new champion, Eli Drake. It took place in a 20 man gauntlet where Eli Drake entered no 1 and beat 19 other wrestlers to win the vacant title.

I have been following GFW since the Hardy Boys made TNA relevant again and the starts crossed over from GFW into TNA and eventually TNA became GFW.

What GFW does brilliantly is that they make the fans care about the whole show, something WWE can learn from. The Eli Drake title win actually felt he deserved it and they built him up well.
This reminded of the Raw episodes between 1998 - 2001 or the Smackdown 2002s when Paul Heyman was running the show.

It's something WWE has done in the past, taken us on a ride and made us invested. It's something they can relearn from GFW.

Absolutely Brilliant, GFW is going places.

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