Mistakenly booked a $4000 dollar hotel room???

in wtf •  7 days ago  (edited)

Earlier, a friend reminded me that I got them to book and pay for it on my behalf first, saying that I wanted to make a vlog on it. WTF $4000? You kidding me? I was totally shocked, speechless, and confused at the same time.



Then I remember that I don’t vlog at all. What a relief.


It was just a dream. Spent all night writing something. Okay, back to sleep. Cya.

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what too cheap for you? lol.


exactly! should’ve been like a lambo / night room lol

That vlogging... It messes with a man even if he doesn't do it!

Haha proper anxiety dream! :-)



Someone should book the penthouse suite for Steemfest. Could be great for a party and your poker game


Actually not a bad idea for a bunch to chip in..


I’m so down I love poker

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I hope you don't believe in premonition dreams. You might soon tho


haha thats impossible, its too exorbitant


Nothing is too exorbitant as long as it helps you realize your dreams.

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You almost lost $ 4000. It turns out it's just a tense dream.

Haha 😂

Good it’s just a dream!

Good one @etherpunk

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Unbelievable dream

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That's funny and could be scary if it happened IRL ! ;)

#thats pretty #shocking dream . losting $ 4000 is hard . but why you tell its cheap ??? thats #amazing.