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We are always trying to find the optimal solution to deal with our problems. Sometimes though problems are so complex and out of our control, yet however, they are affecting us to a great extent.

Our societies have evolved, medicine and technology too, but very often a problem will arise that we can't do much about it.

Moreover, all our life is a decision making process. Even if we don't know it, subconsiously we calculate everything. We set our targets, after acquiring as much information as we can and we set our strategy according to our knowledge and experience.

Occasionally we enter a decision process where all results are negative. Some problems are just constant and repeating.

What is the most viable solution then?



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Being in distress or shutting down to ourselves without taking any action, is rarely the wisest solution. No problem will be solved and changes will be for the worst.

Applying game theory and the Nash Equilibrium (or the prisoner's dilemma) can give the best possible outcome in many negative situations. However, more than often the situations we enter are very complex and contain variables that require extra calculations.

Taking risks is also important and it should either be taking these risks alone or with a few more people you can trust.

It is never early to re-approach everything in your life. I'm serious, it is not early not even in your 60s or 70s. It all depends on our financial life and health of course. But it is never too late to organize a change.

Friendship is important, but when tested, often we find that we were friends with the wrong people. We need to re-evaluate everything at some point. There are people around us that we can share and work together. And there are others we don't. Usually, we come together with people that we can cooperate with. In case this is impossible, we have made a mistake we need to fix.



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The world has changed so much in the last two years. Who would have thought that everything will be like that. We are living in an era where the bold ones will be rewarded, those that see an opportunity and grab it without looking back will survive. The greatest wealth redistribution is happening right in front of us and we are not taking our chances.

Don't analyze everything. It is not worth feeling overwhelmed.

Find only those things that matter to you.

Find the one or two big problems you are facing and deal with them. Deal with those problems forever. This is your life and you have to make the best out of it.

We don't have all the time in the world to fix everything. Details are important but only for the important topics.



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The fallacy of composition is an error made in various fields. Usually it means that what is common for the large scale, is incorrect to be applied to an individual case. In economy the explanation of this fallacy is when applying macroeconomic scale indicators in microeconomics.

It is another kind of fallacy but also similar when judging people by their financial well-being. Some made it better than others, and some made it terribly so far.

For some, there are reasons that we think are beyond control, and while we are doing the best to fullfil our ambitions, often the obstacles are too many and we find ourselves hopeless.

What do we do then? We calculate again, and we stop surrendering ourselves to the events that want us locked up in a way of life that will only bring misery. We change and we move forward. We find an exit strategy and we leave the past mistakes behind.

We don't take our situation for granted but search for better. It doesn't matter if you are born in Africa, in Vietnam, or in the Philippines. Yes, wages in the west are higher, but so is the cost of living. You ever wonder why the European population is in decline for decades? The most prominent reason is this.



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We should stop being consumed with "What If" questions, but take control and stop repeating the same mistakes. Once we realize the outcome wasn't what we were hoping for we instantly move to "Plan B".

We should always have a solution, a way out an exit strategy.

Immigrating is the solution for many living in undeveloped countries.

Immigrants are people that want to find a better life and immigration is their only exit strategy.

It will be a fallacy of composition (as explained above) to discuss immigration as a term and its effects. I have to point that this post is for us, as individual human beings, and not concerning the macro scale.

Leaving the place you lived your whole life comes with concerns about what is left behind. For some, it is the people left. But they can understand and communication will still be available any time one wants.

Those that can't understand the reasons are the pets. Pets like dogs and cats get emotionally attached to us and it is very difficult to leave them, especially when young. Leaving them behind with someone else that adores them, will certainly help them. Dogs especially are very attached and loyal, they will keep waiting for years. Cats too, and while they are very independent, they share a strong bond with their human.

In a decision process, we can't be heartless to others. And we shouldn't lie about our motives as the lie will hurt even more. Sincerely explain our dreams, our motivation, and our decisions, and why we need to move on.



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Our strategy is based on calculating the results of "ifs". When the time comes to take a decision, we leave the small details behind and focus on what can give us the best outcome.

We evaluate the financial gains/losses and proceed accordingly. We consider our strengths and weaknesses, and take the appropriate risk.

Being bold and brave will reward us. Maybe we will reach just 10-15% of what we were hoping for, but there will be fullfilment too at least in the part that we didn't remain static. We given our best to what we thought was the best course of action.

What seperates the great men from the rest is conviction in our decisions. To have that conviction we require to have a strategy set.

This is why I love smart contracts, they are executing perfectly as planned and helping in the decision making process. I wish there were smart contracts giving me the best decision each time I had to take a crossroad.


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