Decision taking

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According to the dictionary decision is

  • The act of deciding.

  • A choice or judgement.



Every year, every day, every hour and every minute we take decisions, and each decision we take now determines the future. Many have fallen because of wrong decisions while many have made it because of right decisions. I list a few things to consider before you take your next decision.

1. is the decision yours to take ?

A man once knocked on our gate and I went to answer on getting there it was our estate agent, he handed me a letter and said I should sign on a sheet of paper, I was about to do just that when my dad came out and read the letter he then refused to sign, later on I discovered if I had signed it my dad would have been asked to pay over 3,000$ for a water project in the estate even when we had nothing to do with the estate water supply since we drilled a bore hole in our compound......

sometimes you are not meant to take that decision send it to the right person. Because you are a team member you can't take decisions for the team when not asked to. is that decision yours to take?

2. The risk involved..

Every thing under the heavens have its disadvantage, even if you agree with me or not (it's better you do tho :-D). You are about to take a decision have you considered the outcome, this decision will it work in my favor to the very end. note working in your favor doesn't mean it would be sweet and rosy for you, but what are the risk of taking the decision.

  • How it involves your family (will they be happy if you took that decision? does it affect them, emotionally, financially and even in security.

3. Can you stand for your decisions...

you have considered the risk, you have checked all the disadvantages and advantages of taking that decision but can you stand with out fallen to say you took that decision even if things go south?



4. Do you have the resources to support the decision ...

most decisions we take would require our time, money and other things. Do you have what it takes to complete a decision you have taken?

I thought of writing this post am a student I have lectures today but before deciding to write this post I consider my timings, do I have the time to write and post on Steemit with out it affecting my lecture time?


Don't be in a hurry to take decisions, think, rethink, and rethink before taking that next decision till I come your way again

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