Twitter claims "EUPHORIA" is the most tweeted show of the decade.-

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With approximately 30 million tweets about the Sam Levinson-directed HBO series, EUPHORIA is officially the most tweeted TV series of the decade so far, based almost exclusively on its second season (as the first premiered in 2019).

This is a huge accomplishment for the Euphoria team, which, according to other reports, has essentially doubled viewership numbers with the second outing.

Zendaya as Rue Bennett in 'Euphoria'

The story of a group of high school students navigating life through love, sex, drug abuse and plenty of drama left many unimpressed with its first season. However, the final two episodes of the season have been the talk of the town since it premiered in January after some pandemic-induced delays.

And now with a tension-filled finale succinctly titled "All My Life, My Heart Has Longed for a Thing I Can't Name," the hype and fan engagement no doubt increased tenfold.

With over 14 million viewers, EUPHORIA has already been renewed for a third season. So, it's safe to presume that the story of Rue Bennett, (Zendaya) [I love this girl], and Jules Vaughn, (Hunter Schafer), is far from over, even with the resolution its final episode provided us.

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