Star Wars veteran hints that Palpatine will somehow make a comeback.-

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The mere mention of the Star Wars Trilogy is enough to spark intense debate among fandom, with The Last Jedi proving to be the most polarizing and controversial installment in the franchise's history, forcing J.J. Abrams into an extensive series of hasty retconning upon his return to the director's chair for Rise of Skywalker.

In the end, Episode IX proved to be just as controversial for an entirely different set of reasons, most notably the decision to suddenly reintroduce Palpatine into the mix, revealing him as the big bad for the third consecutive threequel. Hearing the words "somehow, somehow, Palpatine is back" is enough to send a shiver down the spine of lifelong Star Wars supporters, but it looks like we're not out of the woods yet.

According to StarWarsNewsNet, Ian McDiarmid hinted during an appearance at the Imperial Commissariat Collectors Convention that he could be returning to the role again as soon as next month's Obi-Wan Kenobi.

"There's a series coming out soon that's set in the era that I consider very active. I can't comment on whether or not you will see my physical body. But you will feel my presence."



It wouldn't be unfair to suggest that audiences are suffering from Palpatine fatigue, but on the other side of the coin, it would certainly make sense for him to appear in Obi-Wan Kenobi. The nefarious Sith is a thorn in the side of Ewan McGregor's title hero and a mentor to Hayden Christensen's Darth Vader, but hopefully he won't be discovered as the one pulling the strings once again.

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