MY ENTRY: 100 DAYS OF STEEM : Day 11 - Weekly Writing Challenge #2

To be honest, I could not determine what is my favorite movie since I am not a movie goer. I was born and raised in the mountain province of Bohol Philippines. We have only one main city that have movie theater. I was not aware about movie and artist . We didn't have a t.v as well. My parent and siblings just listening drama in a local radio station through radio set.

** Life had changed**

When I stopped my school in college, I went to Davao, another island . I got married so young. It was an unplanned marriage. After two years after our wedding , I became a mother to a baby boy , who is now 30 years old.

His father waa a big opposite to my habit in all aspect in life but I need to understand, talked to him when we were both in a nice mood. He waa a very movie addicted person. But I didn't go with him in the theater . I dont like going there but when our son grew up, everything was change. As a morher I supported what he wanted . He is just my only one child

One day, the father and the son agreed that they want to see a movie. Then I went with them when my child was 5 years old. He loved Lion King . That was the first time I saw a movie that made me cried out so much. It affected me so badly. I was then 25 years old. My son also cried. I forgot if my husband cried too.

The Lion King movie became a part to my life. I treasured the moment watching it. That was the first date we had with my husband and first date between us as a family with our young child.

Since then, I promised not to watch movie in a movie theater or cinema. My experienced was enough to make a modern civilized person who never been see a movie in 19 century.

At this moment, there are so many movies to watch but I dont think it make me happy. I am so busy and no time for watching movie.

For my whole life, I considered Lion King as my favorite movie. It became a part to us and a beautiful experienced. My husband already died 16 years ago and I will never see a movie again.

This is my entry and thank you @steemitblog.



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