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"I want to investigate, I want to analyse, I want to look into that issue. "

Exploration is the process of searching, for the purpose of discovery of information. To explore involves doing something different from "your usuals" and being flexible. It involves craving for something new. To explore first is to discover. Discovery is the act of detecting something new. Searching for something new is not so easy because there is a saying that there is nothing new under the sun. But the way or manner in which you rephrase an old idea to make it new. Let me say, it is like you being innovative. That is, applying a better idea to the the existing one. Innovation create a stronger value to the existing idea.

For you to be innovative, creativity has to come to play. In one of my quotes I said "Nothing kills your creativity like conventionalism", and I stand to be corrected. Conventionalism involves doing a thing based on what is generally done or believe. When you "follow the crowd", in terms of doing what the majority of people are doing, you get what the majority get. You will be mediocre.

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Majority of Africans are scared of doing anything new. We lack the courage of attempting to do new things because we do not know what we might face in the future. One of the reasons Africa is where it is today is because we lack courage to explore, to discover, innovate, be creative and conventionalism is the order of the day. I pray each day for Africans to open their minds to things outside it myopic convention. And I use any opportunity given to me to educate and inform the dangers of not exploring. Most times because of the circumstances in Africa, Africans are compelled to be myopic in their thinking from generations to generations.
Growing up in Nigeria, West Africa is A wonderful experience. You tend to meet opportunities which are limited to explore. Most times its like our lives are programmed. We wait for innovations. Just few broke the "chain of oppression"

We need to grow, Africans think. I speak to you, I speak to myself. Discover and innovate, create no matter how little it may seem. Explore your idea, explore your skills, explore your talent, explore your knowledge. That way you stand out.

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this is an amazing one @zimmie and a eye opener for most

Thank you so much @bait002

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