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@willymac Charming story of this beautiful and elegant Volvo car. It is very well preserved. It is a great jewel for the beautiful family history it keeps. The white color of the Volvo is beautiful. I love the white color looks so fine. Your story is so beautiful. I really liked the part where your wife told you it was a good choice. Thank you for sharing the beautiful story with us. A big greeting.


Thank you, @yeninsfer. My wife, Juliette, was wonderful about it. When she put her arm around my waist, she said, "You did a good thing, my dear." I remember that expression of love and gentleness forever.

I love big greetings! Thank you.

Really charming your wife. To feel that support and those nice words is really incredible. My respects and great greetings with much affection for your wife. You are also a lover of this white car that is very beautiful. Congratulations for forming such a beautiful couple. A big greeting.

Special greetings to you also, Yen

That was a very sweet thing for you to say. Yes, life has been very lucky for me and having a wonderful and supporting wife adds perfection to what was already good.

Yes, my friend, what a blessing it is to live in a home full of love. I wish you much more happiness from the bottom of my heart. You are loved.

To be best friends with someone for 50 years is truly a gift I wish everyone could have and experience.