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RE: Outlining Fit for a Pantser – Plotting Technique

in #writing5 years ago (edited)

Pantser! Panster here! I love writing and don't do it enough. Sooo many ideas, and completely unsure of which one to start with next.

That sounds like a really fun way to build out a story concept and some characters! Character building for me is always the most difficult; trying to come up with someone believable and likeable (or unlikeable as the case may be). I think when I hit that first "I need this character" moment I quit pantsing and start planning, and then... stop.

Maybe I just need more pants.

I'm glad you shared this on #pypt. It's inspiring me to pick up pen and paper again, so to speak.


I'm so glad this helped inspire you to write! I love pantsing, in that I love letting an idea take me away with itself, but it was neat to try this outline on a possible idea and then realize I didn't actually want to roll with it. I saved myself time, and now I'm onto a bright shiny new idea that is way better! Thanks for the thoughtful comment. :)

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