Why is Prostitution So Taboo?

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Anybody with half a brain will tell you that the reason people say that Prostitution is the “oldest profession” is true, because as long as there has been sex, people have been willing to sacrifice to get it. I trade you buffalo skin, you skin my buffalo and so forth. But in that same right, as long as there has been a sex trade, there have been prude sons of bitches saying it ain’t right.

Religion is really good at setting up rules like this, but generally you’d think it would be one of the ten commandments. And yet it’s almost glaringly NOT. You can’t cheat on your wife, and you can’t fuck another man’s wife, but the bible doesn’t seem to care much about the trading of goods for “services.” I mean, prostitutes are mentioned here and there as being looked down upon in society (Jesus hung out with one, holy fuck what a nice sympathetic guy!) but if you take a good look at “marriage” then you’ll easily see, it’s the same kind of contract… but less “Boost Mobile,” and more “AT&T Wireless with an iPhone 3…” if you know what I’m saying.

So what’s wrong with it?

Men are generally at their mother fucking worst (and will literally fuck your mother) if they haven’t gotten any as recently or as often as they want. And women have to put up with the blizzard of obnoxious dicks that come their way, rarely finding one they want to put inside them. So why can’t we shop for it like we do any other service? If we relied on our significant others to fix the sink, that bitch would drip all night. And if an incompetent lover is all a woman has to go with, then well…. you know… insert, something something, drip all night, joke.

So what’s the big deal? Exploitation? Extortion? Violence? Trafficking? Most of those problems would be solved in a regulated market as opposed to an underground one.

But I’d love to hear your thoughts. Tell me how I’m wildly off topic.

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Wow. Interesting topic! I saw this yesterday and was intrigued enough to save the post so I could come back and comment today. But now I see you don’t engage with people who comment...may I ask why @writesbackwards ? That’s no fun for me to share my thoughts if you don’t engage :/

Our intent is to spark discussion amongst the users here, but, you are right. We will work to correct this and start to be more engaging with our commenters.

That’s fantastic. I hope to see it and jump in more then. :)

And thanks for replying.

Oh boy...did you ever jump in. I’m so pleased.

Well, as in any other aspect of life, an unregulated market exist for the benefit of the few upon the disgrace of many. Moral aspects are irrelevant because people will act as they want to, regulation should be in for everything, not to prohibit but to defend. Defend who? Well, the weak and the minorities. Those forgotten and being exploited, abused. I've never paid for sex and probably never will, but as in any other aspect of life, I believe in freedom, respect and love. Basic rights we all deserve.

Yeah, but you'd think that this one is one that the politicians could get behind. So many of them get busted for sex with minors, sex in public bathrooms, and extra-marital affairs. You'd think they would be ALL FOR a regulated system where they could live out their fantasies.

I know a lot of people that think it should be legal since it is two consenting adults. It would be great if society and the legal system put more of a stigma and penalty on people who don't care about consent and less on what two consenting adults do behind closed doors. That is the greater travesty.

Reminds me of the George Carlin skit:

"Buying is legal. Fucking is legal. So, why isn't 'buying fucking' legal? "

Seriously. That's a great quote.

P.S. These comments are great!

I know right. Guy pumps a girl with drinks all night, and ignores her half-drunk "no" before bedding her. Nothing happens.

Guy tries to pick up a prostitute that turns out to be an undercover cop with great legs and a flair for makeup... has his whole life torn down.

Some of the kindest, most honest, reliable friends I knew in Savannah were escorts aka prostitutes. They always made a killing when Baptist or other religious conventions came to town. Non-stop work until the conventions were over. The funny thing is, the escorts who were pre-op transgender were the most sought after by the evangelical men. They could not get enough. The preachers usually got charged more because they had a tendency to get violent with or want violent role play sex with the girls. Middle Eastern men at Savannah State and Army guys from the bases were regulars with a few of the ones I knew, so the hiring of prostitutes crossed all religious, ethnic, class, race, and "morality" lines.

It's taboo because:

Prostitutes lower value of sex
They use their beauty to get money, not the brain
They serve one of the worst people's qualities

Can't really agree with you here.

Prostitutes don't devalue sex. They accept that it HAS value, offer it up for a value, and take pride in their work.

As for using beauty instead of brains... I challenge you to try and make money in an illegal industry and then tell me they don't have any smarts.

And as for people's worst qualities... I'd put murder, corruption, marginalization, and hypocrisy WAY above wanting to get your rocks off... but that's just me.

In the beauty contests the girls use their beauty to get money and the beauty contests arent taboo.

Beauty contests are have 'talant' part, where contestee show their talants)) Yes, you right, but beauty contests don't lower value of sex.

Are you sure? This is a write-up about how the beauty contests are a sex network

OR, you get better sex, you get to pick a 10 out of 10 stunner and you don't need to waste the evening buying her drinks...seems like a pretty good deal to me

Prostitution is whatever to me.
Though I think it's a pretty weak way to get money and poses the risk of various STDs, if it were done in a clean & professional manner with significant focus on the health of the prostitutes, it would probably be more accepted?

You'd think, but god forbid anyone who even tries.

whatever floats your boat as long as both sides agree on it


In the olden times, before the advent of latex, prostitution would lead to insemination of women and uncontrolled population growth. There could have been a number of kids - difficult to feed, and a massive strain on resources. Therefore, probably best to stamp sex outside marriage, paid or free, as something evil and prevent random kids from popping everywhere. Only those kids that have been had through sex after marriage so that there is a greater chance of one raising that child as well.

In the modern day, there are some of the issues you have mentioned such as trafficking and exploitation. Women in poorer countries can be legitimately forced into prostitution simply because they have no money. As much as you want to call it their choice, it is still exploitation of the poor.

Lastly, prostitution, male of female, means objectification of either gender, which is not good. Identifying a gender solely as a sex object is probably not good for society.

As much as you want to call it their choice, it is still exploitation of the poor.

Not all prostitutes do it because they want to, but many do. You should come up with something more inclusive. If, for whatever reason, I feel like whoring myself for some extra cash, that's not your business and it shouldn't be of any government's , either.

prostitution [...] means objectification of either gender

I don't know why you think so. Prostitution by itself is just a job. The way people make assumptions about prostitutes is the problem you should tackle.

I never said every man woman offering their body for money are forced by a pimp or some criminal. Some are. And governments need to ensure no one is. There may be other people for whom making decent money isnt an option so prostitution makes sense for them. May be it means society at large is forcing them. No one is trying to stop you. They may be trying to stop someone, anyone getting exploited.

To your second point - possibly you are right, but till the way society changes how it looks at prostitution, it may continue to be objectification of people in that business. Unfortunately, it isnt anyone's concern that you want to get quick and easy sex. It is however the concern of people that objectification stops first and then whoever wants to be a prostitute can be one and whoever want to use their services can do so. May be that is why in some countries it is legal, and in some countries, pimping is illegal, prostitution isnt. Escorts are mostly legal in most developed countries.

I agree, and that's why I think it should be legalized. There are people who willingly choose this job, and I felt they shouldn't be forgotten in this conversations.

Also, treating prostitution as if it does have inherent objetification only pushes humanization farther, in my opinion. To other people, they'd interpret like you're confirming it.

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Your photography is excelent :)

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