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The sense of smell is one of the most evocative and emotionally connected senses we have. There is more distinct discernibility, and and connection to memory associated with smell than any of the body’s other senses, and it can also be one of the most intense.

For example, a cool breeze carrying with it the warm scent of fresh baked bread can immediately transport you to the house of a long dead, and well loved relative from decades previous…

And the rancid, hot stench of a three week gone dead body, can ignite not only your flight instinct, but also the evacuation of your stomach cavity, the secretion of tears, and the loss of general motor control over your limbs.

What I’m saying is smell is powerful.

It’s also, for that same reason, extremely personal and varied. What smells good to some, can be a dumpster left out in the rain, to others.

When it comes to animal interaction, smell is extremely important. Dogs sniff each other’s assholes. Horses remember the breath of their owner for their entire lives, and bears can smell fertile mates from miles away. Even in humans, phenomenal compatibility is a HUGE measure of whether two people should be together, and it can be argued, the ENTIRE point of kissing is to taste (and more importantly SMELL) the chemicals and characteristics of a potential mate.

But why, then… WHY OH WHY OH WHY do we love our own smell so damn much?

And before dismiss me by saying, “because it’s been with us all our lives,” I would argue, that NO, that’s a justification for why a person might not know what they smell like, or the degree to which they may or may not stink.

That does not explain why we like (and even love to the point of ownership) our most foul bodily aromas.

On SNL, Molly Shannon played a character that, when nervous, would jam her hands in her armpits and then quickly pull them out and sniff them for comfort. It seems ridiculous, but if you’ve ever tried it, you’ll know that even at your most funky, it doesn’t seem to bother you.

And not for nothing, but if you’re someone that can appreciate a good fart, you’ll know that if your best friend cracks off a minor demon in a confined space, it could repulse you to the point of violent projectile vomiting, while for him, it can smell fine on the verge of good even.

So why? There’s not biological need for us to be attracted to our own scent, right? Does it have to do with our genetic line? Like, we love our scent because it’s also the scent of our parents and lineage? And if so, why then does your dad’s farts smell so damn heinous to you?

I need some answers here. Tell me what you think, and if you know what I’m talking about.

Or, do you gag every time you smell your own shit?


Definitely gag every time I smell my own shit lol.

It's so sad to hear about someone that doesn't love themselves. I hope you talk to someone and get the help that you need. :)

Hahahahaha.... Sometimes my dear.. We all do

I will say, there's nothing worse than having the sniffles while sitting on the toilet.

hahaha. some times dear

Your mind amazes me. I'm laughing so hard at this topic because it brings up some interesting memories. My former partner and I used to enjoy each other's post workout aromas and it was the biggest aphrodisiac so I get the science of pheromones. As for other smells that some create, I'm not a fan but I'm not gagging either.
Artificial fragrance kills me. I'm very allergic to most cologne and a few perfumes and just about any artificial scents of cleaning supplies or air fresheners. Some will actually get me coughing to the point of gagging or puking and I end up with a massive headache. Sadly, most people don't understand or care that a little bit of scent goes a long way and not everyone enjoys it.

I wouldnt go as far to say we like our farts. I will say we are tolerable towards our own stink and we arent disgusted by it.

Also i think we can force society to be more tolerable towards other people's stink as opposed to "strictly no farting in public places" rule that we have now. Agreed, the brain recognises smells and the idea of good versus bad smell is natural. Tolerance or acceptance isnt and it can be the same for everyone's farts.

We can tolerate our pets shit and clean it. I am sure we can do it for humans.

And yeah human smell, smell of skin isnt disgusting and we arent disgusted by the natural smell of other people we meet.

I don't like my own smell. After a couple of days without a bath I smell like a cheeseburger with extra onions. The smell permeates my clothing (underarms). Imagine how many times we lift our arms each day then include smelling like a rank cheeseburger. It's time for a shower and deodorant. Especially for me now. I am retired and there is no need to jump up and get in the shower to get ready for work. So, I have to make an extra effort to do my hygiene. :) My body smell is normal after that. Smells like a body.

Hahahaha very funny and interesting the points you made. I really don't know the answers to your deep questions about personal aromas hahaha. I supose it is a mistery like the meaning of life.

Hi, I was also puzzled to why we sometimes like our own farts, and found an article on a newspaper that said it was because we "recognized" our own genetical material and, even further, our own toxic gases even helped us kill bad organisims living in our body.
Weird, right?

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