Which is Worse - Cannibalism or Necrophilia?

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Ok, bare with me on this one. The world is a strange and complex place with so many questions un-answered, and so many questions people probably wish you wouldn’t ask. Questions like, what is that goo behind your oven? Why do we love our own body odor so much? Is it wrong to throw away the neighbor’s ball instead of return it, if it knocks over a potted plant? And if your landlord finds a crack-pipe stuck in your toilet plumbing is he obligated to call the cops?

And we, as a people, love the would you rather game. Like would you rather, kiss your mother with your tongue, or watch your dad kiss your girlfriend? Would you rather sleep in a dumpster or in naked in a bed with your sister? Would you rather I stop with the examples, or keep going with ever more creepy family related scenarios?

But morality is even stranger in it’s infinite possibility. What deem, as a civilized society to be “wrong” is based on tradition, common sense, and the collective standards of the group. But things are ever changing, and it can make things difficult.

For as long as abortion has been possible, people have debated it’s morality, asking the question about when a life begins, and what right the “pre-life” cells have. Is it a baby at conception or is it a baby at birth? Yadda, yadda, yadda. But that’s not what I’m here to talk about right now.

I’m more concerned with the after life cells. And more specifically, the sanctity of human remains. Spoiler alert, if you’re not into weird questions or morality, and don’t think creepy shit can be funny, then this might be you’re jumping off point. Feel free to post a comment about the above “would you rather’s,” slap an up vote, and move along :)

But for those that stayed, I ask you this: Is it worse to eat human flesh, or to have sex with a corpse?

I know.

I’ll give you a minute.

Ok, I know it’s kind of fucked up to even ask, but this shit fascinates me about what we view as wrong, and what is just based on a slap judgement and doesn’t really account for absurdity.

When a person dies, the body is no longer alive. You’re no longer allowed to purchase property (as a dead person). You can’t drive a car (as a dead person) and you can’t vote (as a dead person [unless you believe the administration that tons of dead people voted in the last election, and that he won the popular vote[) But I digress.

So what value does your body still have? Is it sacred? Your soul is gone. Is it still owned by someone and thus property that you must ask permission were you to want to pursue ghastly endeavors? Not really.

Look, cannibalism is illegal, for sure. But I would wager that, that must have something to do with the idea that if you’re gonna eat someone, then you probably have to harm or kill them first. But really, that’s just outlawing one thing on an assumption. Murder is already illegal. So is harm. So why, concern yourself with the dead flesh. Maybe you just found it, and it was still fresh… Maybe the person put it in their will that they wanted you to eat them.

But ok, let’s step away from that for a second. You’re not gonna eat them. What if for some fucked up reason (trying not to judge) you find a dead person, particularly attractive? Well, that shit is illegal too! Necrophilia is is sexual intercourse with a corpse. Something that most people either put into the ground or burn in a crematorium. So why is this one arbitrary act illegal? Yes, you could make the argument that it desecrates the person, but does it? They’re dead! They don’t feel indignant or offended. They don’t feel anything at all! And we can debate all day whether there’s an after life or not, but generally even most religions believe that at the time of death, the soul or spirit, or noodle-y goodness bound aroma goes on to a better place.

So it’s just a body. Or meat. But not property, and not life.

Setting aside, you probably think both are wrong still, I ask you this: Which is worse? Is having sex with a corpse worse than eating it? Or is it the other way around?

You tell me.

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Cannibalism is acceptable under circumstances where it's necessary, necrophilia seems to demonstrate pure insanity.

They are equally horrific. The only things worse, IMHO, are murder and pedophilia.

I think human flesh, prepared properly, is a promising restaurant idea. As you said, they’re dead. Why can’t dead be delicious? As far as sex with a corpse...that’s just weird.

Good afternoon brother. Your post calls me a lot, because it has so many questions that we do not all do. And I think having sex with a cadave or eating it for me neither of them are nice. I think we plot with different cultures and customs worldwide. What to me can seem aquerosa, strange or unacceptable, because for other customs may seem the best. Everything is a matter of habits or mental illnesses that lead you as is the case to practice camibillism.

Interesting post. Very useful to oxygenate our brain and get us to think about the different strange things that happen in our world. Greetings from Venezuela brother.

Silly qestions that people ask are unbelievable and fun at times.
And for eating someone's fresh or sexing a corpse is unacceptable for me cause i believe they are sin to God.

Thank you for this post it is funny and educative
Weldone bro

Well, as sex is supposed to be a consensual act, I suppose Necrophilia is worse. And as one acquaintance used to say, Cannibalism has the potential to solve both world hunger and overpopulation, and thus seems like a better option (looking at you, Thanos). The fact that these topics are somewhat taboo does nothing to deter from the fact it's still an interesting topic for discussion, and you guys are awesome for having the nerve to discuss them. I look forward to reading more from you.

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