Dogs or Cats: For Once and For All

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Everyone knows dogs are better! Or are they? Cats have a loving way about them, even in their cold, evil hearts. But riddle me this… if cats are so loving why do ‘cat people’ need so many of them? I propose that it might be that the cat to love ratio is so low, for people to get the affection and attention that they need, they have to keep acquiring more and more cats (with diminishing returns.) Tons of puppies are nice, but any dog lover will tell you, even just one is more than enough.

That said, the more cats you have, the more chances of snapping that perfect photo and making a viral meme.

What do you think? Which is better? Do people get lots of cats because they’re just so damn awesome?!

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Dogs are way cooler! And cats are jerks! ;)
Let's imagine cats and dogs were people! You come home after work and open your front door...
Cat scenario:
"Hello Honey, I'm home!".... silence..."Honey?" Still no answer....
You put your jacket on the wardrobe and enter your living room. There she lies on the couch, no reaction. You take a seat next to her to greet her and she stands up and goes out of the room... Well, f*ck you too!
Dog scenario:
"Hello Honey, I'm home!" She runs to the door and you can see in her eyes that she really really missed you! On the way to you she bumped into the wardrobe boing
"Oh! Ahh, uhhh, that hurt a little bit but I don't care. You are finaly back!"
"Yes Honey, how was you day?"
"Meh, it was boring! So I decided to return to my research about toilett paper... I haven't cleaned up everything and I think I ate some but now let's go to the park! Really, the park is awesome! Let's go! Let's go! Let's go! Let's go! Come on, what are you waiting for?! Let's go!"

I let you decide but I prefer these clumsy idiots with their big hearts :)

I love both!!

Yea I love with when cats rub their body on me

Dogs are better for me. I have never been a cat person. But having said that, there are cats that are so loving and totally dedicated to their owners. these are the qualities we all love in dogs.

i will choose cat :).
but dog not bad too :)

We are just having cats cause we don't have time enough for dogs.
Both show their appreciation in a different way. A dog is enthusiastic when you come home from work, a cat start nagging about food or that they want to go outside.
But once sitting on the bench and all the wishes of the cats are fulfilled, they could cuddle up against you so nice! Really enjoyable!

i like cat

Many cats love having their forehead gently stroked.

cats are better than dogs because dogs can bit you but cats does,t so dogs lovers keep this in your mind

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My dog has identity crisis.. sometimes she acts like she human her ability to fold socks are amazing.. i dont even know where she learned it. Also hops like a frog. Shes a standard yorkie. I love her to pieces!

Cats are better. The reason cat people have so many of them is because they know one day that cats will rule the world and we want to buy our way out their slavery.