Creepy Guys At Yoga - What’s The Harm?!

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Creepy Guys At Yoga - What’s The Harm

So if you haven’t taken a yoga class you probably don’t have any idea what I’m talking about… but there’s this phenomenon. And honestly, it doesn’t just occur in yoga classes. It can happen anywhere at the gym, at the grocery store, or even (and this is probably the worst place) at a children’s school yard.

The phenomenon is creepy guys… just… watching.

Almost every yoga class has a guy that is focused less on inner spirituality and stretching, and MORE focused on low hanging boobs, and high pointing butts. A guy that doesn’t do all the poses, but is fully alert when the women in class are doing downward dog. A creep by all definitions of the word.

But here’s the question: Is just watching people in a leering and obvious way actually doing something wrong. Were anyone in class to look around, they’d see the same thing: Stretchy lycra pulled over ample buts, full bosoms filling out tight sports bras, and the occasional camel toe. So why is it so wrong, if the guy is just “seeing” more of that than the rest of the class?

Obviously, inappropriate comments can be called harassment, and inappropriate touching, assault. But where does LOOKING coming into play?

How much of a yoga class does one person need to participate in, before he’s ALLOWED to look around and enjoy what he sees?

Should everyone just put their eyes on the floor?

And does it matter if the guy is hot? Is it more acceptable to the women, if he’s a real good looking guy?

You tell me.


I dunno, every yoga class i've ever been to, there are just serious guys doing some serious savasana.

And trust me, I'm always checking to see if they're fit ;)

I think is not great that people go just to see women do exercises in tight clothing since the focus should be the class, but at the same time, I have seen women looking at handsome men in the gym instead of doing their exercises.

I think it goes both ways but we have a social stigma that looking is a big "no-no" for men but not so much in women.

In either case, both men and women are free to go to the gym in whatever clothing they deem appropriate, but it is true this kind of rules are more lenient with women. I don't think there is nothing wrong with that, it's just the way people react to it and sometimes I think they overreact.

Thanks for sharing and getting to start this discussion, I'm eager to read what other people think about it.

This guy just nailed it.

There ought to be "women only," and, for that matter, "men only" yoga classes available for those who don't want members of the opposite sex staring at them. But look, if you're in mixed company wearing very tight clothing, and you have a beautiful body, members of the opposite sex (and probably some members of the same sex) are going to stare. They aren't wrong for doing that. A little immature or sad, maybe, but not wrong.

Just get a separate classroom for those women who care about being watched. There isn't any strong alternative, is there? Nobody can give a fair and concrete rule on what constitutes a bad stare. And it seems to me that women generally will choose tight yoga clothes over being watched(at least around where I live.) You can't blindfold the others unless you're some kind of a dictator of a totalitarian regime. So what can we do, except segregating those who are uncomfortable being watched?
Then there are also issues with gay men staring at other men and all that third sex stuff... but these other cases aren't posing as much of a problem because we don't hype over them.
Maybe we should learn from these third sex cases?

I blame Lulu lemon for making such sexy pants.

Definitely it depends if the guy his hot, and if it’s welcomed. Otherwise dam that’s sexual harassment. Prepare to get locked up fed and the key thrown away lol.

There's nothing wrong with looking briefly. It gets creepy when peeping turns into staring. Some guys need to be more subtle, but you question plays a big part as well. Certain actions or behaviors won't seem invasive if the perp is attractive...that's just how things are...

This goes both ways .... and you can always tell who is really there for the exercise and who’s there for the social aspect of it ....

there was one guy that just constantly take a class opposite me and stare at my boobs the entire time ... and the owner of the gym that comments on my rear getting tighter .... unfortunately it’s a part of life .. when they have gotten out of hand with comments ... I’ve been known to tell them to fuck off .

As long as they are just looking ... I don’t care ... it’s the commenting ... and the occasional idiot that thinks it’s ok to touch you ... that’s the problem .

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