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It was must one of those rare moments in time when it was there in front of me and caution disappeared just as my brain logic turned off and all I saw was The Car. I never had a single regret, either. I sold it to a cousin after 27 years. She gave it to her husband as a surprise gift and they still have it 20 years later. A lot of family history in that sweet machine!

Yes, Jules was very interesting then and I truly miss the "Days of Big Hair". Having been through the hippie period, it was not as odd as it seems now, but there were sights to behold when Jules got all fixed up. I wrote a bit about that in Jules, Freddie and the Monkey Man (linked above).

I added you to my follow list. You post oddball, interesting things...


So the car is up and running after 47 years? Wow, it must be all worth it then! Plus, that means you the owners are really taking care of your stuff.

Oddballs, yeah? 😂 Those are my saviour for not having time to really sit down and think about what I am supposed to write. I thought I have a lot of things in mind but cannot find the time to focus on them. Steemhunt is easier so there are my hunts. I still hope to get to writing one day, though... Thanks!

Nothing at all wrong with oddball things. They mostly guide my thought process through everything and it's worked out okay so far!

Yes, sometimes oddballs can bring out great ideas.