Haha vintage ? That makes you pretty valuable and expensive too :D

You bought it and spent a good bit of your life with it, wasn't it tough giving up for something like that

Tough, yes, but the seat was very low and I have been developing lower back problems for a long time and that made riding in it uncomfortable. My cousin is positioned so she can adequately care for it and she first rode in it in 1974, so it is part of her life also. It is in caring, family hands and I don't need to worry about it.

I do miss seeing it around here though. Sigh...

I apologize for being too late to reply but I do remember replying to this comment earlier, it might have not gone through.

Am glad its still in safe hands and you can still get to see it and drive it again. Things we love become a part of our life and we do not want to get rid of them ever, this is why I could never sell any of my mobile phones ever.

You can go to your cousin anytime to see it and to drive it too which is a plus and some relief :)

She (Debbie) keeps me informed and shares photos of events when the Volvo ie being used.

I feel the same way about holding on to small things that have memories attached. They are often reminders that our memories are of real events and not just something we have imagined.

Am glad you are still able to see it and know what it is being used as. Ask Debbie to share some photos for us too :)

That's true, memories attached with things or our acts or even if we relate memories with music at times, it stays with us forever. We mostly live on memories so there is no harm in attaching things with our memories in a bid to let those memories live with us forever.

We mostly live on memories

You're a wise man, Hanan. I think you will do well in life.

Looking very far ahead into the unknown, we often find that we have nothing left but memories and very often, music can bring back memories the conscious mind cannot retrieve alone. We all should carry music with us in our memories. (Being OLD, I make a strict separation between music and "noise")

Haha vintage ? That makes you pretty valuable and expensive too :D

Nice sentiment, but "vintage" in people is just a polite word for old and out of style.

That's true, whatever we loves becomes a part of our life and not getting to see around (what we love) hurts
But am glad your car is in good hands and will be taken care of

You are not out of style, you still got it I feel ;)

You are not out of style, you still got it I feel ;)

You are indeed a perceptive man, Hannan! Flattery always works!

There is a saying in the South of the US that sounds like praise, but actually is a statement of failure. When someone says, "Well, bless his heart, he tried", it means he was a horrible failure at it because he just is not capable.

"Did you read his last book?"
"Yes, I did. Bless his heart."
"I know, that's what I thought."

I rather like the custom because it is never said in a hurtful way.

(nothing to do with your comment; just reminded me of the saying.)

I thought style has nothing to do with age, mature people know more about style and it suits them more too.
That's a new saying for me never heard of it but it has a meaning in it. We shouldn't tell someone of their failure straight away it might hurt them.
(its about the saying only not about you as I still stand by my statement that you still got style :) )

Usually when someone fails, they know they have failed and that alone is the most severe punishment for them. In some cases, the person does not really understand that they have failed and that is when "Bless his heart" is best used. It is a very gentle acknowledgement of someone's failure without actually mentioning it. I think that is one of the most endearing things about Southern US culture: the gentle politeness shown to others

This short video describes its use best:

And thank you for your comment about style. I agree, but it can be reflected in many ways, such as in the way one dresses, in their language or manner. I was taught as a child that I was to respect women and I still say "yes, ma'am" to young sales clerks I have never met. Unfortunately, too many of them think I'm just an odd old man. They think they are mature but they do not know that they are the ones who have not learned their own culture yet.

It's a Southern thing. ( Our standard reply to explain why we do some of the things we do.)

That's explained brilliantly and I have learnt it now. I might use ti at places but am afraid if anyone would know what am saying :D i expect people to be as unaware of it as I earlier was.

Video helped big time :) Thank you for that.
You're welcome, I should thank you actually for teaching me quite so many things and because of that Am starting to like the southern US culture, its pretty much about respecting others and trying to hurt them the least.

southern US culture, its pretty much about respecting others and trying to hurt them the least.

Yes, it is. I has been that way since the USA was begun. Some say it's because it is so hot and humid no one wants to exert themselves and waste energy on anger. I think it's because the South was mostly used for farming and the pace of life was slower than in the North where all the factories were located and people ran on tighter schedules and always in a hurry.

One thing for certain, it is a special thing to have problems resolved while sitting on someone's front porch in a rocking chair, drinking iced sweet tea, and talking. Or, just sitting with family and friends and talking the evening away!

Am starting to like the southern US culture

I like it a lot! I once refused a major promotion because I did not want to live in or near Chicago! I like the country life and having deer eat our flowers :)