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Believe it or not, Jules liked the 1800 so much, we went back the following week and bought a 164; a gold one! We drove it for almost 21 years and it was falling apart so I traded it in for a pickup truck that I needed more than a sedan. The 1800 held its purchase price 27 years later! Good cars and still great memories.


Oh wow. The cars were sure made to last. When I had mine, I noticed many more of the road. It was the big old clunky Volvo and everyone loved theirs. I though $200 for ten years worth of a car was a great deal and I did not need expensive insurance for it :)

We can all remember back when things were more reliable, were worth more, and cost less. I don't even look at cars now and have no desire for one. After driving my (new) 2001 truck I traded the Volvo for in August, 2001, and being so used to being higher off the ground, riding in a regular car would give me a panic attack. Plus, the Chevrolet truck is far more solidly built than a car. I don't plan to sell it until I can no longer drive.

The new Volvos are much more stremlined but are much more expensive relative to their competition in 1972.

Insurance is going up, up, up but it is on all vehicles, so it's a cost of ownership.

I get rid of my last one in 2013. I am on public transit now and very happy this way. Kuala Lumpur is awesome in this regard, but I was in San Diego when I got rid of the car and did just fine. Driving at all these days is stress I don't need and money I don't have :)

Unfortunately, public transportation is scarce around here. There are a lot of trucks that are dual-purpose: replace the car and haul fence posts and wire. Having a vehicle is an expensive thing but there's no alternative. Fortunately, I don't crave a new car when the annual model comes out! Besides, II really like my truck. It drives smoothly on a highway and is far more comfortable than a car. Sure beats walking!