Sometimes It Is Better Take Shortcuts

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How man of you have been in Austria driving your own car and trying to reach some mountains knowing that there should be a long way to get to your destination? Well it happened to me and my family while driving from Italy wanted to reach a place called Bad Gastein that is a village on the top of a mountain, facing a valley and having on the side a nice waterfall.

Probably I should mention that it is a thermal area therefore there is always hot water dripping everywhere in any fountains you would like to test :)

To reach this locality there was a long way to get there and we were tired but luckily my father was aware of a train where we could drop our car on and after only 10 minutes we could reach Bad Gastein without driving for 200km that is what would take us to avoid this train.

It was cool... you have had to drive into the wagon, leave the car and going into another wagon with sits. In only 10-11minutes the train was passing into a tunnel and take you on the top of the mountain where I wanted to be :). It costs you 17 euro per way but honestly guys give a price to your time... how much would you consider your time price for driving further 2 hours (per way), plus more km on your car, plus the petrol to get there... well to me take this Shortcut was a great option and so I drove the car into this train for the first time in my life :D

IMAGE 2018-09-09 10:02:30.jpg

IMAGE 2018-09-09 10:02:36.jpg

IMAGE 2018-09-09 10:02:42.jpg

It was cool ... maybe a bit narrow for an SUV into the wagon but if there was a caravan in front of me I shouldn't be worried about and as said in 10 minutes I was where I wanted to be, comfy and relaxed.

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A great example on money being able to buy time. :-)


yes absolutely true!