Writers Block

in writing •  5 months ago

When you're having it, write a post about it to get over it...

I think I've been having them lately because I sure am not able to come up with any interesting to write. Sure, I could randomly make a shit post with just some pictures but me being me, it's hard to ruin my blog with those meaningless posts. 

I don't know what to write in this post so I'll go on typing the shit that comes to my mind just to get in flow. 

The word "flow" reminds me of a book that I started reading recently. I'm done with some 50 pages of it and I found it totally worth my time. It's called Flow: The Psychology of Optimum Experience written by a Hungarian-American Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. (I know you just tried pronouncing his name, didn't you?)

It's got to do more with consciousness, the things that bring disorder in it or rather how you decide and create disorder in it by your perspective of viewing things, flow state of consciousness and it talks about how one can achieve it. 

In flow state, you are at your best and perform at a 100%. I'm sure we all have had our flow moments from time to time.

I haven't reached the part yet where he talks about how to get into flow so I won't reveal anything more. But what I can tell you is it will change your view about life. Reading a few pages of it brought so many changes in my views.

I'm interested to see what more it has to offer. 

That's it about the book. Writing all this got me into a flow haha!

I can start my regular posts from tomorrow on and I gotta be more regular. 

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I have heard about this book from some other people as well. will read it.