Bearing with the never ending bear market!

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I've been trying to write a post almost every other day since a month all I end up doing is write a paragraph and press the backspace button. That's because nothing would come up in my mind for the next para. 

The bear market has brought everything to a standstill...even the thought processes haha! :P

Today I decided to pen down whatever thoughts I'm having at the moment to get back the flow of everyday posting. I feel guilty when I don't post regularly. Is it the same with you too? 

Prices are really down and I think if we are regular right now, it's the best time to stack up some Steem Coins! Some of my friends here have been using a lot of bid bots lately. 

Is it profitable to use them when prices are down? 

Let's find out! 

I will use them on my upcoming posts and pen down my findings.

Also, ever since I've moved to Delhi last year, I've cut down on my social media usage drastically. It's kinda peaceful for my personal life but it's really bad if I want to build my brand because everything runs on social media these days. 

I will get back to using social media again slowly and steadily and revive my brand and provide specific time slot for using these medias in such a way that they don't suck up my time. Gotta come up with a schedule I can stick to. 

I think everyone these days are mindlessly consuming social media feeds and online pubg games. (Myself in the past included)

These things have the same effect on the mind as any drugs but nobody bats an eye. That's because we can't see its impact physically. Only when one withdraws from these for sometime does he realize the withdrawal symptoms and how much he used to rely on them for his daily high. 

Having said that, I'd like you to check out an old post I wrote about dopamine fasting where I've explained this in detail. I hope that will throw some light on what's happening and help you get out of social media addiction if you are one. 

Also, it's become difficult to survive solely on crypto even in third world countries with this bear market. Initially we all believed this would last a few months to a year but this seems to have turned into the longest bitcoin bear market in history. 

I've started looking for a full time job because of my hard realization that I shouldn't put all my eggs in the crypto basket. Lesson learned and now I have decided to keep crypto as a long term investment and not rely on it for my expenditures. 

Let's stack up as much crypto as we can this winter and hope it booms up soon!

Also, we visited National Gallery of Modern Art recently and found a lot of mementos our PM Narendra Modi received during his term put up for auction. I will write a post about it next. 

Thanks for reading! :)


Good to see you after long with so many free flowing you started to look out for job and I have left job due to other reason .....let see where our destiny takes us

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Good to see you too @steemflow!
Woah you left your job? You are up to something big I'm sure! :D
Destiny will take us to a place we can never imagine B)

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