The Lost Art Of Thinking

in writing •  5 months ago

This is a poem about how technology is keeping many of us from using our brains. Actually not, Steemonians, but everyone else. lol


There is an art that has been lost 

Decades and dreams away

Thinking has fallen to the back of our minds

"Alexa this" and "Google that

Answers are given in miraculous times

But what is an answer you're given instead of finding

Simple cognitive reminding

Solutions are institutions if given not solved 

Creativity is walled

No way around it. 

One must search, test and solve

One must try, fail and try again

Swiping right doesn't find love

Never trust a society where thinking is a sin

Let me know what you think! lol, see what I did there.

Let's have a conversation in the comments.

Thanks for reading

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Nice poetry. Technology is producing briliance and people can do anything with the help of technology. In modern era we are nothing without the technology. Steemit is the Simple example of technology. If this would be not then can mever eligible to talk with each others.

Yes it was good, I liked it and read it all the way through which is unusual. I do believe our thinking is influenced by the TV and other propaganda outlets and I try to keep my watching of them to a minimum and think for myself, as in the theft of Palestine by Israel that the news says belongs to the Jews. This is just one thing I won't be led to believe in and want to know the truth for myself.

Your poem is good.i like it dear

Good, and worthy thoughts. There are some complex lines here tho, that could be simplified for more clarity? but yes i like the ending: thinking is discouraged in many ways by tech

:) It's like that poem about television Roald Dahl wrote. I like the phrase "cognitive reminding".

isn't this the truth.....without deep thinking and expending our observation we will miss out on so many wonders and humorous daily happenings

no true artist can afford not to keep sharpening their thinking skills!

Yup, we already have people who can't understand an argument and demand a link instead of being able to thing things through.

Beautifully written my friend, youre so wise ❤