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I am really proud of this new book I published today! This is by far my best book so far, and filled with real ideas that could hep any business. 

"100 Awesome Promotions, Contests & Content Ideas For Small Businesses In A Digital World"

Get your copy now! 

If you are looking for some awesome ideas that you can use in your business to help grow your online presence, you’ve come to the right place. There are tons of ideas here and you will be able to use many of them to accomplish a variety of goals.

In a digital world the main goal isn’t always to sell your product. Sometimes you are trying to grow your email list. Other times you are trying to build positive brand influence and of course grow your social media presence. But no single idea will make all the difference. Look for several promotions you can build a strategy around.

One of the byproducts of running great promotions and contests is having content to share as well.

This book is presents a variety of ideas that you can use to accomplish different aspects of your overall online strategy. If you apply these ideas, you will position your business to make more sales, get more leads and make you money. Get your copy now

I'm super proud of this book and sticking to my new goal of publishing a new book each week. I have a lot I've had on shelves and it is time to get them out.

If you want to support a fellow Steemonian following their dream of writing for a career... then go here

Thank you for the support and for reading.

Have a wonderful day.

Check out my other books on Amazon here.

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That's super awesome! Congrats! I'd love to write and release a book some day. I think for now though, I'll just stick with Steemit posts, haha!! Cheers

I hope ideas on business will help people. world can progress through these kind of ideas.You are going good..the main idea and theme of book is outstanding..the title is also inspiring.online business has different ways I hope your book will help to understand them.

I like to read about business improvement ideas. In my openion the basic nature of human is desolved in business. Everyone has some skills about this basic nature and the sources are the main input which should be implement correctly. This book is wrote on the nature thing of human. It would be very helpful.

That cover looks really nice.