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(Tharnday, cont.)

Irola - Midtown

“So, what do we do about the fact that the A’mara know about both of us as Yerdua?” Uana asked Viper.

“I think you need to leave Irola.”

“They might have seen you attacking Jilia. I only stood by. They’re bound to send more eyes down here to keep closer surveillance. I can’t really go anywhere right now – not without Sipper.”

“You know, Sipper might be interested in going somewhere else too,” the man himself replied as he joined them. “You thought you’d meet up without me, darling?”

“Where would you go?” Viper asked.

“I was thinking somewhere we can set up and just live for awhile – keep an eye on a different Complex, but where they’re not expecting us,” Sipper said.

“Like where?” Uana asked, totally unsure what his idea might be.

“Varkevand. I hear the living is cheap there and there is a small, but thriving A’mara population there. It should be relatively easy to keep our ears to their door without them knowing we’re there,” Sipper said. “What do you think, my darling?”

“I’m surprised. I actually agree with you. We can go there.”

“I could go too,” Viper said. “I don’t have anywhere else obvious.”

“So, what do we tell the others? They’re probably waiting for us right now,” Sipper asked.

“That we’re going out to Joton to try to patch things up with Jessten?” Uana suggested.

Viper nodded. “I like it.”

“What’s your excuse then?” she asked him.

“Neví base in Varkevand, obviously,” he replied. “Good if one of us is halfway truthful.”

Somewhere in Çtaráña

Flying along a darkened road, Yewan looked at his passenger. “You’re not asleep, are you, Marosio?”

“No. Just thinking. So much has happened. It’s a lot to digest.”

“Yes, it’s been a bit of a wild ride. It tends to be like that sometimes. Not like a quiet farm in Kasago, is it?”

“No. I miss my sister. She has a little girl now, you know,” he said. “I need to figure out how to see her more often.”

“Maybe we can take a couple of weeks after this whole thing calms down. What do you think?” Yewan suggested. “Even A’mara need a holiday from time to time.”

“Sounds good. I’d like you to meet my family there,” Marosio said with a smile. “How much longer until we reach Atrua?”

“It will be late tonight, I think,” Yewan said. “You could drive awhile.”

“When it’s convenient. I’m in no hurry,” Marosio said. “Who are we staying with in Felida?”

“A family who has always been friendly to the A’mara,” Yewan replied. “Fortunately, the family is fairly good with Common Tongue. The Atruans tend to keep to themselves unless provoked.”

“Are A’mara unwelcome there?” Marosio asked.

“Not unwelcome, but not welcomed either.”

“Like Gaskarii?”

“I’d say worse than Gaskarii – they don’t care one way or another. The Atruans actively discourage outsiders by their rejection of the Common Tongue, standard political parties and many other things. Don’t expect warm welcomes other than with this family. But they will be able to help us talk to the right people.”

Marosio looked out the window at some lights at a far-off farm. Beyond that was another cluster of lights.

“Probably the last city before we cross into Ubre’in,” Yewan said.

As the city passed behind them, the hoverbil slowed and Yewan pulled up next to a border crossing station. He showed their documents which were stamped and handed back. “Do you need a map?” the lady asked.

“Wouldn’t hurt,” Yewan replied. “Then I think it’s time for you to drive, Marosio. I need a few winks before the next border crossing.”

He pulled over to trade drivers.

“Just follow the signs?” Marosio asked.

“Yes, with any luck someone will still be awake when we reach Felida,” Yewan said.

Marosio pulled the hoverbil back into the stream of traffic, artificially slow due to the crossing. He quickly brought the vehicle back to highway speed and relaxed.

“You know, we’ve had two really good successes recently,” Yewan said.

“We got the vote postponed,” Marosio recalled.

“We also managed to help get Jerreck and Jilia together.”

“I still can’t believe it worked! That story session!”

“Yep,” Yewan said. “With the help of that Ek-ul Forester.”

“He’s something else, isn’t he? It’s going to be a few years yet before he’s ready to become a chola.”

“And you’ll be ready to take one by then, I would have thought.”

“I’ll be 22, that’s pretty young still, isn’t it?”

“Prove to Jerreck that you’re ready and he’ll let you. You are taken to him, aren’t you?”

“Just a bit of flattery. He wanted to choose me,” Marosio said.

“The kid is extremely gifted. Maybe he also has the gift of foresight.”

“If the Guardians will it, I would be proud to be maqla to that kid.”

“Then strive to be worthy of him and I’m sure it will happen,” Yewan said.

“I will do my best, Maqla.”

“I know you will, Chola.”

They flew along in silence for a few minutes.

“I’m so glad Jilia is okay,” Marosio said.

“Yes,” Yewan agreed.

Marosio thought about what he knew of the situation. He shook his head.

“What’s that for?” Yewan asked.

“I’m just thinking of the timing of everything again. They said that Jilia called Jerreck just before she passed out.”


“She is alive right now because of our actions. Because we pushed those two together at precisely the right moment. It forged that stronger connection, allowing them to operate as a single unit at that moment,” Marosio said.

“Yes, I think you’re right. But it would be wise not to over-think it. It will drive you mad.”

“Do you think that’s how it’s always been meant to be? That we’re supposed to find the one to unite with – to make us stronger, as Ek-ul pointed out.”

Yewan was quiet a moment. “Yes, you may be right on that one too. We, as an organization may have lost more than an abári when the Dellans were killed. We may have lost some wisdom of the age. We focus on the negative, but forget the positive, it’s human nature. I would suggest doing some research on the Dellans when we get back to Irola. Learn more about who they were as a couple as well as abári and First Husband. It may be an important exercise for us all.”

“I will,” Marosio promised. “You are single, of course.”

“And likely to remain that way, I’m afraid. I’m not interested in pursuing women,” Yewan excused.

“I don’t think you will have to. They will come to you.”

“And that’s what makes me suspicious.”

“My sister’s husband, Marc’el. He said that if you truly want to be happy, you should not marry someone you can live with, but the one you cannot live without,” Marosio explained.

“Sage advice,” Yewan said. “And that increases the likelihood that it won’t happen to me. I’ve never met someone I cannot live without.”



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