The Security of Windows 10 Undermined ... Because of Cortana

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Windows 10 and Cortana suffer from a major security breach that lets hackers get their hands on confidential data since April 2018. Better late than never, Microsoft has finally deployed a patch to correct this problem.

On the Tuesday Patch of June 12, Microsoft finally decided to propose a patch to fight against a big security breach that raged for a few months under Windows 10. Passing through the intelligent assistant Cortana, hackers could clear a path in the system to access personal information. All with a disconcerting ease.


Cortana is too helpful

Launching an attack through a smart assistant is not new. But this time, it’s the artificial intelligence of Microsoft which is pointed out by McAfee and its specialized Advanced Threat Research service. With a USB key as a weapon and Cortana's excessive enthusiasm to serve us, hackers used confidential data on locked Windows PCs.

How? By giving instructions to the assistant directly from the lock screen by voice command. McAfee says hackers can locate sensitive files and run a few commands

Recall: Microsoft knew of the this major problem existence since the month of April, as Steve Povolny of McAfee specifies:

"The vulnerability was submitted to Microsoft as part of the McAfee Advanced Threat Research team's responsible disclosure policy on April 23. "


Microsoft finally reacts

The update of Windows is available since Tuesday, June 12. McAfee still recommends for those who haven’t installed this security patch yet to disable Cortana from the system without further delay. If you have sensitive documents on your Windows computer, do not wait any longer.


  • Like I said in this article, Cortana isn't a good feature which respect your privacy and your security.

  • And if you want to be more anonymous on the internet you can start by reading this article ;-)


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cortana !!!!
déjà que je pense ( et j’espère peu de personne s'en servent ^^ ) elle prend du processeur pour rien et en plus c'est une porte pour hacker ... elle sert a quoi ? surtout qu'elle peut pas faire a manger elle Kappa ^^ ( on a le droit a des blagues comme sa ? ^^ )


Thank you man!