Being a better writer is all about this one habit!

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There is no other way. Just keep writing with consistency. I started my first blog 4 years back on Blogger and used to write like once a month. And even in that, I was not much consistent.

2 years back I moved to Wordpress and was little more involved but after some time dropped off.

6 months back I started on Medium and thank to the platform and community I started being consistent from 2 articles per week to 4, sometimes 5 I began writing more and publishing more. And now I found Steemit and life can not be better

And also READING more. This is such an important habit but many neglect it. If I do not read much, I am not able to write much. And the more I write more I feel like reading. Both complement each other.

It is not that first creativity will come and then you will start writing and then you will become a good writer. First, you need to start writing and then creativity will follow and you will become a good writer.

All I can say I just start writing and expressing yourself and be part of The Writing Cooperative and you will get all help, support, guidance and inspiration to start and grow on this beautiful journey of Writing

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