Creative Crypto Acronyms Of The Day # 1 (Original Acronyms)

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While trading cryptocurrencies, I often socialize with the other investors and enthusiasts in the troll/chat box and give some pretty cool acronyms to keep things interesting and entertaining. Here are more than a handful of acronyms based from the abbreviations of well known cryptocurrencies.
They don't necessarily have to be related to anything, but my rule is to have some correlation between all words used for each acronym, or when we (the traders & trollers who communicate) are speaking about the rise and fall of a coin's value then we either take an optimistic or pessimistic approach with a touch of sarcasm. It takes some brainstorming, it's fun and I am always sharpening my skills. Enjoy :)

BTC= Bullet Train Crash
LTC = Let's Take Chances
NMC= No More Capital
PPC= Policed People Chained
ETH= Eternal Tormenting Hell
DSH= Depleting Savings Hugely

BTC= Back To Cash
LTC = Lonely Top Champion
NMC= Never Meet Creeps
PPC= Pool Party Crashers
ETH= Everyone Tackled Him
DSH= Don't Swig Hennessy

BTC= Behemoths Titans & Creatures
LTC = Lions Tigers & Cougars
NMC= Ness Minotaur & Chupacabra
PPC= Predatory Pythons Coiled
ETH= Extraterrestrial Terra-Humanoids
DSH= Deep Space Hunting

Thank you for reading this post in its entirety, I hope you can take something from this for what it's worth.

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I can't believe this slipped my radar! I'm really not sure how that happened. In any case, thank God for the increased payout window!

These are my favorite ones:
BTC= Back To Cash
LTC = Let's Take Chances
NMC= No More Capital
DSH= Depleting Savings Hugely

I LOL'd at every one of those haha!

In honor of this acronym fun, allow me to create a quick one of my own.



All the best, bro!

Appreciate your kind words and acknowledgement bro, I just want to have fun and yes thank God for the increased payout. Appreciating all blessings, even the lovely supportive comments from all my readers, friends and supporters. Glad I could bring some laughter your way, hope my next installment is just as creative. I have many I come up with :) Nice ending acronym, you're a natural

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