Discovering your inner person

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You are not doing enough, you may say to yourself. But, we would ask you to step back from that voice which speaks out within you and to recognize that the you to which you are perpetually attempting to take up a relation is a multitudinous thing. It has many voices and these voices come from many, many sources—some of them seemingly quite antithetical to others.

It is a central task of every entity which incarnates third density to begin the long process of integrating these voices, of finding that central resonance which alone, to our experience, may be said to be the source of truth. There are truths that speak more deeply, more eloquently of love than others, it is true. And it may be apparently clear to you that some of your fellow travelers have got caught up in false conceptions of truth such that they are moving further away, rather than closer to, the center, and risk finding themselves bereft of the very love which they seek to experience, and which they seek to share. But, if you reflect upon your own paths, you can discover many pathways which you may have taken which have seemingly led you astray, but which have, according to some almost unfathomable pattern, led you ultimately back to the very path that you feel is, indeed, most central to your being. And, it may be that in the process of this seeming detour, you have learned a lesson that was quite important to you, and possibly even vital to your capacity to take the next step on that path, which is uniquely your own.
I thought of the saying that goes something like “not all who wander are lost”. In my experience, I have endured many circumstances that, within the moment, seemed pointless or against the grain of which I saw my life to be headed. Over time, my perception has changed in that every experience has led me to a greater sense of self, of the world in which I am incarnate, and has, ultimately, led me to the path which I walk today. Had it not been for those perceived negatives, for those times of struggle and hardship, I would not be where I am today. At times, I still catch myself feeling guilt, shame, caught up in not being able to forgive myself for choices I have made along the way. However, there really is beauty in every single circumstance, in the variety of catalysts which I have endured — which we all have endured in some way, shape or form. Today, I am able to see the light in the dark, to view the big picture versus getting caught up in the details of the emotions, the feelings, the passing reactions of the moment. (Well, most of the time, anyway! 😉) I do my best to express gratitude for all of the blessings my journey has shown me, the perceived “good” and the “bad”, for all has been a piece of the puzzle in the ultimate creation of who I am today. I embrace all simply for what it is, not so much for how I feel in the moment. In all there is a lesson, some knowledge and wisdom to be found. I seek that higher truth to the best of my ability...❤️

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Another nice one. We are not doing nearly as bad as we think we are

Thanks man, yes we are doing pretty good, we always look forward towards improvement and self development

Thanks for sharing

You are welcome

Nice post mate!

Thanks bro

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