Found feelings. (Thank you Steemit and your comunity. You're awesome.)

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Hello everybody, Vancry here and you know... It's really weird for me to admit this.

My sister got married last week and my brother-in-law got on a plane today. He's leaving to another country with better living conditions to prospere as a Doctor with a good enough amount of income to maintain his new family. I never actually liked him that much. I mean, he's the best boyfriend my sister's ever had, but I don't know... he was taking away my sister from me or some bullshit like that, so I had to hate him right? Haha.

Well... today I found out just how much I appreciate him. He's a really good man, boyfriend, and friend. And I couldn't acknowledge those feelings until the moment we all said "goodbye" to him... it teared my heart. I know I'll see him again relatively soon but still, it was really sad to see him leave.

And of course, a marriage cannot be separated too much time so, my sister will leave as well in a couple months if everything goes according to their plans. And I know I won't be able to hold myself and keep it together if she leaves. Well... when she leaves. I'll cry like... a lot. That's for sure.

But it did left me thinking... every one of my friends and loved ones, will leave eventually because life cannot be sustained properly on Venezuela for now. Some of them already did, actually... I need to do the same.

I hope everything goes well. I'm not giving up on my country... but if I have to leave, I will.

I want a family. I want to be able to hang out with friends without fearing death everytime I go out my home. I need a better education system for me and for my future childrens. I need to be able to maintain my wife... to make her happy. When I have one at least... that's what I think about everytime I wake up. And it shouldn't be like that I know, but it's unevitable for me.

I'm happy Steemit exists. It has given me a little hope about income and those kinds of things. Also it has given me the opportunity to vent all my problems through writing a post everytime I can. I thank all of the steemiants that have been helping us Venezuelans in this time of need. And to those readers that care about us and have enough empathy and sympathy to at least have an idea as to how we feel.

But oh well... that's it for today at least. I can't thank you guys enough.

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Thank you for your time!


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