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RE: Steemit Search and Replace for Beginners: find "whale" / replace with "followers"

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I very much agree with all your statements dragos, the quality of content is the important factor here and especially for the long run, since that takes time. I love the fact that a block chain can be the basis of a real social reputation and when that becomes tied in to many future service and websites, then social rep becomes the driving force along with the content one produces to have you known online. Block chain based social reputation has the potential to ultimately 'outdo' so many of the mindless trolling and comment spammers in other forums, that is what gets me very excited about the future of steemit and the like. Great post!


Great point about the social reputation. I kinda overlooked this aspect but yes, it's very important. Thanks for the comment and congrats again for AutoSteem.

An interesting idea, that in time your reputation (REP) on the Blockchain will trickle down through out the Inter-Webs.
And actually mean something solid.
"So you want a Mortgage, Hmm, I see you have a very low Blockchain REP. Tell me exactly how you are going to rectify that?"
On the extreme side, I hope we don't go all Japanese and have to commit Blockchain Seppuku if our REP gets Dishonoured;D~

Mwahahaha, Blockchain Seppuku, that was a good one :)

haha, good one franks!

Yeah if people are already using social platforms online quite frequently, it actually makes some sense to have it driving ourselves and communities to go along with it. Being currency-backed really makes a world of difference even if its just a simple addition on top of what we already have for social-media platforms

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