Father - You are Awesome

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Today is Father's Day. 

A Father is a person who sacrifices all what he has, for the sake of bringing smile on his children's faces. He is always found busy working day in and day out, he always has plans in his mind for the better future of his kids, for their safety, for their food, shelter, education, well being and what not. He is a figure who is often misunderstood, he is often taken as a person who is gruff in nature, who is not much emotionally rich, but in reality it is entirely opposite to that, as he also possess a soft and an emotional heart.

He might look stern and stiff on the very first sight, but deep down inside him, there lies a soft and a tender heart, which is sensitive enough to understand everyone's feelings. Many a times, a father doesn't even share his problems and deals with them single handedly, as he would never want his family to suffer emotionally just because of his own miseries. He lefts no stone unturned in ameliorating the lives of his loved ones, in making them a good noble citizens, in making themselves empowered enough that they could easily enjoy the blessings of life.

But still, what does a father has to listen when he grows older and feeble, " Dad! you have grown older, you don't know today's world, you can't understand today's problems". I'm very educated and aware, I can handle the things all alone"

Dad! What have you done for us during your entire lifetime? Look at my friends, they have succeeded quite convincingly in all walks of life because of the unconditional support and strong financial backgrounds of their fathers". 

My father is not alive. He died on 24 December, 2016 at the age of 67. I am not sure if I was able to serve him properly or not, but yes, I tried my level best, I might not be the best son in the world, but yes, I tried to become one. I might have not been too attached with him, but yes, I tried my best. To say the least, I MISS YOU DAD and I pray for your forgiveness with the depth of my heart. It is me who might haven't understood completely, it is me who might haven't spoken to you deeply, it is me who might haven't cherished with you truly. But still, you were my dad, and despite of all the good and bad experiences that we had together, I still Love you, and I repent to the Almighty Allah, for all my mistakes that were somehow concerning our relationships. May you rest in peace and may Almighty Allah forgive you and grant you with the most superior place in Jannat. Aameen

To all the peeps out there, please always serve your parents to the best of your capability, never scold them, and never make them feel that they couldn't do well for you. Remember always, a father spends his whole life struggling and battling for accomplishing the goals of his children, yet his own life becomes tiring as he has to sacrifice his own wishes, but for his children's sake, he never hesitates in doing so.



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