Closet Ethnic Bigotry

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So many Nigerians are ethnic bigots without realising they are. Yea, they are closet ethnic bigots.
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Watch them display their bigotry on comment sections whenever a controversy involving someone of a particular ethnicity comes up on popular blogs.

"These Igbo people. Tufiakwa!!!"

"Don't mind all these Edo people. Chai!!!"

The way they generalise individual actions, and act on stereotypes, is enough to express it.

People need to realise Individuals are individuals. That Yetunde stole your money doesn't mean every yoruba person is a thief.

We've got good and bad people everywhere. Don't judge a whole tribe by the actions of a few.
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Learn to separate individual actions from their ethnic group.

It's the first step towards having sense.


Sad to say, I think many people in all walks of life are guilty of bigotry. And I agree - any time you reduce a group to "They" as in, "They always do this" and "They never do that" you stop seeing people. Here's to hoping everyone starts taking that first step.

Exactly my thoughts. We should all learn to grow above bigotry of all sort, be it religious, ethnic or relating to sexual orientation

I completely agree!

I think I would take it a bit further and say, the main cause for xenophobia is a cultural allowance of ethnic bigotry and discrimination. That translate very easily into something more deadly during economic hardship as citizens start looking for scapegoats.
It seems we didn't learn the moral lesson from our history with, first slavery and then imperialism.

Short post. But you spoke more truth than anything I read on Steemit brother.

Thank you bro. I agree with you that xenophobia is an after effect of ethnic discrimination. Thanks for sharing your perspective.

Unfortunately, I think you're right. It cuts across the entire universe, and the saddest part is that we do this without even knowing.

True bro. Thanks for dropping by

Thank you @udochi for a very interesting post and some very fair point of view.

Thank you for reading, and for taking time to drop a comment.

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