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One of the channels to learn is Geography now on Youtube. Here the video below shows you the culture, and things about Jamaica.

The country has a population of 3 million. It is the first Carribean nation to be seen on the international scale. It has Cuba, Haita and Cayman Islands surrounding it . Its capital is Kingston and the country has 14 parishes. Portmore is a spanish town in Jamaica which has more population besides Kingston. The country has 3 international airports.

The naming of cities in Jamaica is unique, having story and indepth meaning. A name like "Wait a bit" is a town in Jamaica.

The country has water bodies surrounding it and sea animals as expected.

Cannabis is part of Jamaica culture and people can grow it, while Rastafarians use it for religion purposes.

The country had her Independence in 1962. It is an anglophone country. People drive on the left side of the road.

To know more about Jamaica. Watch the video below

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Some good background :)

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Yeah @shanibeer

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@turpsy, Thank you for letting us know about some of the aspects of Jamaica.

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Thank you @chireerocks

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