Purnama Merah

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Lapta, a name to call an artificial island. Only a small island covering 610.3 km2 with a population of two million. An island adjacent to the myths of humans outside our island. Legendary myths for people outside us. They don't know the truth, believe it is not just a myth, but the right thing happened.

200 years ago, humans with witches lived side by side, yes witches. There is no caste level between us. Witches protect the island, and humans protect magicians in their own way, hiding their status from other islanders. The residents of Lapta Island appoint a family of witches as their leader. A noble magician family that was respected by everyone at that time. The inhabitants of this island lived so harmoniously and in harmony before Lahana's leadership, which was none other than the son of the previous leader.

Lahana sacrificed the soul of a child of humanity, only to perfect one of the magicians' mantras. I don't know what Lahana had in mind at that time. Humans consider it to be a betrayal of the witches, even though the reason he used to strengthen Lapta Island's protective spells. Just when the moon hangs with a full circle in the night sky, the magicians will sacrifice three chosen human children. The inhabitants of Lapta Island call it a red full moon.